"The Young and the Restless'' spoilers, for the week of April 29 through May 3, tell us that Summer will be willing to destroy Lola, after finding out that Kyle chose her. A difficult time is approaching for Lola, especially after losing her virginity with Kyle. Cane will reluctantly accept the divorce, even though she still loves Lily. Adam's return to Genoa City is getting closer and closer and, in this regard, Rey Rosales and Sharon will discover a secret about him. A twist in soap opera aired on CBS. ''Y&R'' spoilers announce that Rey will decide to tell the truth about Adam.

This would suggest Adam's return to the city. Fans of the soap opera are waiting for nothing else so that the storylines move in unexpected directions.

Passion between Kyle and Lola

New spoilers for ''The Young and the Restless'' also reveal that the atmosphere in Genoa City will get creepy. In the week between 29 April and 3 May, the current storylines will have turned unexpectedly. Lily is willing to divorce Cane, breaking his heart. Lily has no intention of changing her decision. After a period of intense suffering, Cane will understand that it is better to accept reality, despite telling Lily that he will love her forever. The tension between Kyle and Summer increase progressively. Kyle has chosen Lola, and soon they will make love.

Summer is desperate and will have the opportunity to talk to her husband, who will tell her not to meddle in her new relationship. But Summer will not listen to Kyle's advice and will design a plan to get into trouble the innocent and naive Lola, who certainly can not imagine what awaits her. Meanwhile, Lola will have a romantic surprise from Kyle, who will organize a dinner on the terrace.

The spark will light up between the two. After dinner, Lola and Kyle make love.

Rey Rosales knows the truth about Adam

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, we know that Rey and Sharon will discover an interesting background. Well, Adam may have returned to Genoa City. Other spoilers say that Devon will get a bitter disappointment after meeting with Elena.

Meanwhile, Paul will investigate Mia and find out that she may have attacked Lola. It won't be easy for Mia this week, being forced to defend herself against Paul's accusations. At the same time, Tessa will be defended by Mariah, who will work to help her, although it is not an easy task. The twist will come in the final days of the week. ''The Young and the Restless'' spoilers say that Rey will tell his family the truth about Adam. Don't miss the next news to find out how the storylines will continue.