When Calls the Heart” fans have definitely demonstrated that they can master the virtues of loyalty and patience. The legions of global viewers got the news they had been yearning for in mid-April, when a beautiful and brightly-dressed Erin Krakow delivered the news that Season 6 would resume on May 5 and May 6 with a two-episode treat of new shows. Only days later, the lovely leading lady announced that Season 7 of the Hallmark Channel’s highest-rated series was a sure thing.

One of the reasons why “When Calls the Heart” maintains such faithful followers is the communication and relatability between the cast and the showrunners, and particularly, executive producer, Brian Bird.

The drama’s founding producer truly kept hope alive within longing viewers after the fallout surrounding the involvement of Lori Loughlin and her husband in the college admissions scandal. His messages in words and pictures, portraying Hope Valley’s church/schoolhouse greeting a new day, gave viewers every reason to hold onto the assurance that the community would welcome them again.

With the return of “When Calls the Heart” now just days away, Brian Bird and Erin Krakow are sharing the delight and excitement of their work, as evidenced on social media and in a May 1 feature in the Deseret News. The two are brimming with anticipation, and beautiful babies, ready to invite their fond viewers back into the lives of everyone in Hope Valley.

Excitement overflowing

Erin Krakow has yet to become a mom in real life, but the star was radiant in her latest social media post, holding her twin co-stars, Lincoln and Gunnar Taylor.

Both boys seem to be growing by the minute, and her caption of “Holding these two in my arms as long as they’ll let me!” is right on target. The boys who take turns playing Baby Jack have already stolen every heart in Hope Valley, even if they both would rather be playing than posing for pictures.

Brian Bird began with thanks to “Hearties” for their faithfulness in believing in the show and had especially warm words for “When Calls the Heart” fans in Utah, where the show has become the most-binged show ever.

Bird recalled his time in Utah while working on “Touched By an Angel” with much fondness.

The executive producer struck the perfect tone as he balanced the shock and sensitive feelings regarding the situation of working without a longtime cast member. He stressed that “Hope Valley will always be a place of second chances,” but explained that “in the real world, having a heart of forgiveness does not mean that justice can be ignored.”

Many cast members, including veteran star Jack Wagner, who portrays Sheriff Bill Avery, have recently reflected on their personal grief through the situation with their former co-star, while still lending support as a friend.

A fortunate future

One of the newcomers to Hope Valley who fans have most wanted to meet is Nathan Grant, portrayed by Kevin McGarry.

By the indications of the video snippets seen thus far, Nathan really hits the ground running, going after some lawless perpetrators. The lumber mill owner, Leland Coulter, goes along for at least part of the ride.

McGarry will have his full introduction as Hope Valley’s new Mountie, and only time will tell how his meeting goes with Elizabeth Thornton, a.k.a. Erin Krakow.

Another showrunner, Alfonso Moreno, hinted that hard work is going to be a continuing theme through the coming season, and some fortunes of Hope Valley residents will change dramatically.

Even with the excitement surrounding Kevin McGarry's official arrival to the cast, Brian Bird indicated that no one should take an eye off Chris McNally, who portrays new saloon owner Lucas Bouchard.

Both characters are pivotal to “When Calls the Heart” going forward, and families are sure to grow in perhaps surprising ways, maybe especially for Lee and Rosemary, portrayed by Pascale Hutton. McNally also captivates the hearts of dog lovers.

Bird insists that the remainder of the Season 6 episodes are “full of good humor, emotion, and romance.” The producer added that he is particularly excited for fans to know “our two newest bachelors in town” citing that they are intriguing characters, “and pretty hard to keep your eyes off of.”

There should be a lot of reasons to stay glued to the screen for “When Calls the Heart” for the next two seasons and more.