"The Bachelorette" show by ABC features Hannah B this year. The show aired Monday night, and weatherman Jamie Simpson from Fox 45 ranted at viewers complaining about show interruptions. The irate weatherman told fans who complained about the interruption for tornado warnings that he "sick of it." That came after he checked social media comments on Twitter.

The Hollywood Reporter explains Fox 45 and ABC's 'The Bachelorette' connection

The Hollywood Reporter helpfully pointed out how Fox 45 all ties into "The Bachelorette." They wrote, "Fox 45 is a dual Fox and MyNetworkTV affiliate owned by Sinclair, which also owns ABC 22 in Dayton, which airs The Bachelorette." It seems that an urgent tornado warning for part of Ohio needed to be broadcast.

Anyway, he checked social media and discovered many people complaining about it and wanting to return to the show.

Suddenly, you see him walk on screen really angry, waving his hands, saying, "No - we're not going back to the show folks." He went on about how lives are important, tornados are dangerous and people need to stay safe. He went on to add that he's "sick and tired of people complaining about this." Actually, you can see in the video below that he's not just irritated. He obviously takes his job very seriously, and told off the fans of "The Bachelorette."

Hannah B reacts, as do others on Twitter, after weatherman rant

Over on Twitter, Hannah B reacted to the rant by Fox 45's weatherman.

She tweeted, "Thanks Dayton, Ohio for the love, but be safe," adding, "naders are no joke." Others also reacted, and some of them no so graciously. One person posted, "Newsflash weathermen! Quit perpetuating us to fear our earth with your constant force feed of WARNING! Ever heard of native weather dancing? Why don’t u interrupt us with one of them instead."

Although Jamie Simpson apologized, saying he can't get how people can just not care for others who may be in danger, some "Bachelorette" fans thought he was wrong to say "sorry." One person pointed out, "don’t you dare apologize!

this is what’s wrong with our country - everything is me me me and now now now. A little reality punch in the face is good for us!"

A few other comments also backed up the weatherman

Quite a lot of posts went out on facebook as well, where other comments also backed the weatherman.

E!News wrote, "At the time, viewers continued to post angry comments on Facebook, but since the event—and Simpson went viral—viewers have come out in support of Simpson and his mini rant."

What do think about weatherman Jamie Simpson of Fox 45 losing it and having a rant at viewers of "The Bachelorette?" Do you agree he's right to be angry when people would rather watch a Reality TV show than care about other people in danger?

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