"Days Of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers announce the twist that will shake the whole of Salem. Finally, the fake Nicole will be unmasked. Contrary to what was assumed, it will be a character apparently external to the storyline to discover everything. We're talking about Maggie who, completely drunk, will be in front of Kristen while she takes off the mask with which she impersonates Nicole. What will happen now? Maggie could go to the police and report Kristen, but let's not forget that she was drunk. The plot will get even more complicated, especially when Maggie goes to Brady and tells him everything.

'Days of Our Lives': Kristen finally unmasked

The latest shocking "Days of Our Lives" spoilers say that Maggie, after fighting against the depression caused by Holly's death, will have another shock. After getting drunk for the umpteenth time, Maggie will be taken to her room to recover. However, the woman will manage to get out and what she sees will change things forever.

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, we can tell you that Maggie, after leaving her room, will go in front of the hotel room where the fake Nicole is staying. Behind Nicole's appearance is actually hidden Kristen, who is deceiving everyone by wearing a mask that perfectly follows the appearance of the real Nicole. According to the incredible "Days of Our Lives" spoilers, Maggie will knock on the door of 'Nicole.' Kristen, believing it to be Xander, will open the door without thinking too much about it and will be in front of Maggie.

Kristen and Maggie face to face in the next episodes of 'Days of our Lives'

What happens when Kristen sees Maggie in front of her? The last "DOOL" spoilers say that "Nicole" will immediately close the door, frightened and confused. At that point, she'll put on her mask again and reopen the door, hoping that Maggie won't remember anything once the effects of drunkenness are over.

Of course, 'Nicole' will try to confuse Maggie, manipulating her as only she can. The woman will make her believe that she is wrong and that she has not seen anything strange.

However, Maggie will go to Brady and tell him everything she saw. Brady won't believe her, as Maggie's in a pitiful state and in the grip of alcohol fumes.

According to assumptions of Celebrity Dirty Laundry however, Brady will start to reflect on Maggie's story and will be prompted to investigate the matter. Meanwhile, the fake Nicole will try to behave as usual, continuing to deceive people close to her. What will Brady decide to do? Kristen is now destabilized and vulnerable, her close encounter with Maggie could ruin her. Will that be so? We'll know with the next "Days of Our Lives" spoilers.