"Sweet Home Sextuplets" premiered with TLC May 28. Eric and Courtney Waldrop's immense family of 11 brought chaos that only nine kids combined with nine puppies could possibly create. The premiere brought a special birthday and the stress of all that had some fans exhausted. While many of them love the show and especially all the cute babies, others came with mixed reactions.

The premiere of 'Sweet Home Sextuplets' showed the first birthday

During the premiere, we got to see the sextuplets enjoy their first birthday. Tag, Layke, Blu, Rivers, Rawlings, and Rayne turned one-year-old back in December, so in real life, they're older now.

Siblings, Saylor, and twins Bridges and Whales also join in the crazy family chaos, and now they also have nine puppies. In fact, as Courtney said, "there's pee everywhere." Yuck, the kids were crawling in it and that could be unhealthy.

Unlike the similar TLC show, "OutDaughtered," that returns next month, Courtney seems in perceptual chaos and stress with all these kids. One has to wonder why they took on nine puppies as well, to add to the mayhem. Actually, come to that, how come she got six more babies when she already had twins plus one? Some fans wonder if the 'Sweet Home Sextuplets' was actually an income opportunity rather than a lifestyle choice.

Sextuplets mom Courtney wants to run out the door sometimes and so do some fans

Talking about all the chaos of the sextuplets, the twins, and Saylor, mom Courtney says sometimes she "wants to run out the door." That's hardly surprising and she really looks to need some help.

Plus, sometimes she makes life even harder for herself. Like why mess about with six birthday cakes at this age? One big one would have been a lot easier to manage. Many fans felt exhausted by the "Sweet Home Sextuplets" show and wanted to run out the door themselves.

Here's what some of them said about it:

  • @sni**: "There is no better birth control than watching #SweetHomeSextuplets. What do you even do with 9 kids?"
  • @Pat**: "Babies and puppies together is a bad idea. The babies don't understand they are hurting the puppies...common sense."
  • @pag**: "Has anyone watched #sweethomesextuplets I mean it stresses me out haha. I couldn’t do it y’all."
  • @lex**: "So we have to hear how exhausting it is to raise sextuplets...What did they think it would be like?"
  • @Ell**: "I love this family, but even I’m exhausted watching her juggling all those babies (sis) ."
  • @rhe**: "Ugh. This puppy/sextuplets scene is so staged. I really hope it wasn't actual dog pee they had them playing in. Why would they not have their dog fixed? 9 kids wasn't enough? They need to add 9 puppies?"
  • @Mck**: "#sweethomesextuplets show gives me stress."

Mixed reviews from the audience included some nice comments

While a lot of people responded to the premiere of "Sweet Home Sextuplets" negatively, not everyone did.

After all, there are plenty of shows about bitterness, ugly fights, and divorce issues. Sometimes families simply do not want the ugly drama of "Real Housewives" or the divorce issues in "Little people, Big World." Sometimes, they just want cute shows like "OutDaughtered" and the sextuplets. Plus, babies naturally warm the hearts of many TLC fans. It's only natural then, that so many people loved the premiere of season 2. Their reactions show their appreciation for it:

  • @She**: "#SweetHomeSextuplets has made me cry all day those babies are so precious."
  • @Pau**: "goosebumps from head to toe seeing the birth pics with the one year pics! Absolutely beautiful!"
  • @Cla**: "The puppy’s are adorable omg #SweetHomeSextuplets."
  • @Lah**: "Love your show. I just don't know how you do it. Love to you all. Your family is so full of cuteness! All 9 kids and all 9 puppies. Total sweetness."
  • @Jul**: "#sweethomesextuplets is back on @TLC YAY! Anytime I think I’m overwhelmed with my twins I watch this amazing family and am inspired!"
  • @New**: "Aweeeee the babies are tiny humans now!!! Each with their very own and very different personalities!!!!!"

As you can see from the mixed audience reviews of season 2 of the TLC show, fans either love or hate it.

Some of them found the premiere on May 28 just way too stressful. What do think of this show? Are you a fan or would you rather give it a miss?

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