The Nurses Ball has concluded, but the aftermath will be felt for a long time. Chaos, heartbreak, betrayal, and trauma will soon reign supreme on "General Hospital," as several storylines reach their conclusions. Loose ends will be tied up that send shock waves through Port Charles.

Brad will be in hot water when everyone finds out that Wiley is really Noah. Willow will have to mourn her child for a second time as Michael is the baby's biological dad. DA Dawson may lose her job for shutting down the Ryan Chamberlain investigation and Jordan may have to accept the serial killer's kidney if she wants to survive.

There will be a lot of fallout related to Dawn of Day when Jason apprehends the cult leader.

Heartbreak coming to 'General Hospital'

"General Hospital" has set the stage for a very intriguing summer where emotions will be heightened in Port Charles like never before. Lucas will be devastated to learn that both Brad and Julian have been deceiving him. He will be heartbroken when he loses his son, his marriage, and the relationship he has been developing with his father.

Shiloh will naturally spiral out of control because he was not in charge of the narrative in this situation. Willow must deal with the fact that she has been loving and trying to protect a child that was not her own. Ms. Tate will be stunned and grieve a second time when she realizes her son is dead.

Michael will be overjoyed when he finds his godson is actually his child, Noah, but his joy will be mixed with outrage at the scam Nelle and Brad set in motion. He will also be shocked when it is revealed that Willow, and not Sasha, is Nina's daughter.

When "General Hospital" drops this bombshell it will crush Ms. Reeves. She must accept that the woman whose life she has tried to ruin is her own flesh and blood and that the two people she loves most have deceived her.

Ms. Tate will be reeling from the double shock of losing a child and gaining a mother who hates her.

Lives altered on 'General Hospital'

Jordan's health is failing and she needs a transplant quickly. There is only one man who is a match and that is Ryan Chamberlain. Spoilers indicate that Ava will be moving on with her life, and Jordan and Curtis will be solving a mystery together.

This lets "GH" viewers know that the police commissioner has the surgery and Ms. Jerome survives her ordeal. Both lives will be forever altered because of the serial killer doctor.

Meanwhile, DA Dawson is being blamed for the death of the woman in Canada who was assisting Ryan. Spoilers tease that Madam Mayor Laura might relieve Margaux of her job. A summer preview for the show holds a lot of excitement as well.