Harvey Weinstein gets a settlement option concerning his accusations. According to the New York Times, the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault case has reached a pending $44 million resolution regarding the several charges filed by alleged sexual misconduct victims and by the New York State's attorney general. The source says, three people closely involved to the matter have been briefed on settlement specifics, although a few details are missing.

Harvey Weinstein gets settlement option

In case you hadn't been following Harvey's case, he's facing criminal charges in New York based on sexual violence allegations from two women.

Beyond that, over 80 women have accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment and/or assault. Interestingly enough, this isn't the first deal that has come to the table. The New York Times reports that, in 2018, Weinstein proposed a deal to his alleged victims to the sum of $90 million. However, that situation fell apart at the last minute.

Yet, Harvey Weinstein's current settlement has cut the previous one in half. It's now $44 million. And under these particular terms, $30 million would get dumped into a plaintiff pool for disbursement among the alleged sexual harassment victims [VIDEO]. But also, that pool is for any creditors or former employees seeking payment from Harvey's former studio.

"The balance would go to legal fees for associates of Mr. Weinstein, including board members named as defendants in lawsuits," the Times reports. So, if Harvey finalizes the settlement agreement, insurance policies would then cover the $44 million payment.

Reportedly, Harvey Weinstein hadn't returned comment requests. Likewise, a New York State attorney general spokeswoman refused to comment on the matter, as well as the plaintiffs' lawyer.