"General Hospital" spoiler alerts indicate there will be a lot of drama in Port Charles this summer and most of the action will center around Wiley Cooper-Jones one way or another. Jason and Sam will not be able to rid the town of the Dawn of Day leader, who will be determined to have access to the child he just found out about. Michael and Chase take charge trying to help Willow, but none of them know the entire truth. Brad will be fearful that when all the facts come to light he may lose his son as well as Lucas. Time is running out and this secret will soon explode.

Shiloh wants Wiley, Brad may talk

The Dawn of Day leader was furious when he found out Willow was pregnant with his child. Michael had to step in and keep things from escalating. Now that Lucas knows some of the truth concerning Wiley, he is troubled that he and Brad could lose their son. Celeb Dirty Laundry spoilers indicate there will be a long hot summer in Port Charles and little Wiley will be front and center. Soap Hub points out that Ms. Tate has told the truth to the best of her ability, but there is much she is not aware of.

Brad, Obrecht, Nelle, and Julian know that Wiley Cooper-Jones is really Jonah Corinthos. Willow is trying to protect a child that is not even hers. Previews for Monday's episode of "General Hospital" show Julian telling his son in law to keep his mouth shut but Shiloh may pry the information out of him.

A DNA test may be ordered and then things will begin to unravel. In the meantime, Michael has suggested that Ms. Tate, Mr. Cooper, Mr.Jones, detective Chase and himself stick together in order to keep the cult leader away from the little boy they all care so much about.

Summer in Port Charles will be hot

Spoilers indicate the summer in Port Charles will be long and hot.

With so many people trying to protect Wiley and take down Shiloh at the same time there will be much drama and intrigue. In addition to trying to locate his child, Shiloh will find out that Sam has scammed him as she did his father, only this time it was not for money. The revelation that Nelle and Brad deceived everyone by switching babies will be the biggest shock to the entire town.

In addition, Celeb Dirty Laundry reveals a few other storylines.

Ava will move on after Ryan, while Jordan will recover and help Curtis solve a mystery. This indicates that the serial killer will be apprehended, or killed. Ava shot him on Thursday so perhaps he dies and Jordan gets his kidney. Spoilers don't say what mystery the Ashford's will be trying to solve but it may be related to Wiley and or Shiloh. Stay tuned to "General Hospital" to find out how these storylines are concluded. Be sure to watch for spoiler alerts to give updates when available.