"General Hospital" viewers have been getting glimpses of the dark side of Carly's first born for the past view months. On a few occasions, it was simply the way he looked at someone. Soon, Chad Duel's character will be in a situation to allow his bad temperament to come forth. He is Carly and Sonny's son, as well as having Quartermaine blood coursing through his veins. Fans have been wondering if Michael had it in him and now they will soon find out. More than likely it will be when the truth comes out that Wiley is really his son Jonah.

Michael is his father's son

The dark side beckons Michael Corinthos Quartermaine on "General Hospital." Fans knew it was only a matter of time before something pushed Carly's son to the edge and now that time is here. There is a tangled web surrounding this baby swap and Port Charles residents may find they have seen no fury like Sonny and A.J.'s son scorned.

Nelle lied that her baby died when she actually switched children with Brad. Willow believes Wiley is her child when her newborn was the one who passed away. Brad told Julian the secret and they are lying to Lucas and the rest of the family. Michael is Wiley's godfather, which puts him in close proximity to his son. Once "General Hospital" decides to reveal this truth, Michael will show that he is the son of his fathers.

Michael will wreak havoc on his enemies

Once Michael gives in to the darkness he will more than likely seek revenge on those who kept him in the dark. Sonny and Carly will also be outraged at the deception that Nelle and Brad have pulled off. "General Hospital" has been slowly shifting Michael from the good guy into someone a little more worldly.

Everyone who had a part in the baby switch and cover-up will feel the wrath of the Corinthos and Quartermaine families for a long time. Julian, Nelle, and Brad will be exposed and the fireworks will begin. Obrecht also knows the truth and she will probably figure into the storyline somehow.

Add this to Sasha being exposed as a fraud and Michael will really feel he has been toyed with.

Lucas will be devastated to have to give up his child, but there is no guarantee Wiley will immediately go to Michael. Nelle is his mother and still has a say so in his life. Make sure to watch "General Hospital" every weekday afternoon on ABC to find out what happens next. You can catch up on all the is happening in Port Charles and see why Rebecca Budig is returning to the show.