"Little People, Big World" airs on Tuesday nights. However, the popular show became fraught with division since the divorce of Matt and Amy. In fact, this also divided the fans of the long-running TLC show. Recently, Matt Roloff took to social media to request people back off saying terrible things to Amy and the rest of the family on social media. Perhaps a recent interview with Access was their way to do some damage control over negativity from the fans this season. In it, they reassured fans that they remain a happy Roloff family. Whatever the motivation, only good can come out of it.

Plus, fans got to see baby J (Jackson), the son of Zach and Tori, steal the show live on camera.

Damage control for 'Little People, Big World?'

This season, the angle shows heightened tension between Matt and Amy and fans grow frantic with worry about the fate of the farm. Caryn Chandler and Chris Malek appear on it and many "Little People, Big World" fans hate them because it changed the status quo. Unfortunately, people become deeply invested in their Reality TV show cast members, and sometimes it turns ugly. Actually, on social media, loads of negative comments come along with the season this year. First up, fans grew angry at Zach Roloff being portrayed as a chip off the old block with poor money decisions, and Zach and Tori arguing.

Then, the fact that Caryn and Matt plan their own future gets to die-hard Amy fans and Chris Malek gets slandered by Matt supporters. While the official ratings for the season so far don't turn up on the internet, it's hard to tell if the Roloff family deliberately appeared on Access as a 'happy Roloff family.' Perhaps ratings are down, or they regret the edited angle of the show in the face of poor social media response.

Obviously, they could not spoil the rest of the season of "Little People, Big World." However, while it was not said in as many words that they have not sold the farm, plenty was implied that they are still running the farm as a business, amicably. A big message came across that Matt and Amy seem comfortable and happy with each other in real life.

Meanwhile, in the show, the angle is loads of tension and anger between them.

Meanwhile, 'LPBW's' Baby J steals the show from Matt, Amy, Zach, and Tori Roloff

During the interview, Zach and everyone talked about respect and working together for the good of the farm and the happiness of the family. Actually, it really is nice to see them all moving on from the bad times. Plus, as Jackson made his first live appearance on TV he stole the show and made everyone happy. Jackson sat between his mom and dad and could see himself on the monitor. So, he started moving his hands around and pulling cute faces. When they set him down to stand at the table, everyone joked they better hang onto him, 'cos everyone in the studio loved him.

In fact, you could hear off-stage crew laughing at the charming little guy.

Jackson's so cute. This is more of the stuff people want to see on "Little People, Big World": Zach, Tori, and Jackson and his grandparents around but at ease with each other. Sometimes a certain amount of drama's fine, but in the life of little Jackson, most people just want to feel good. Let's hope they stick with more of that if they bring us another season of the show.

What do you think of Baby J stealing the show on the Access set? How do you feel about the fact that the Roloff family, in real life, seem to get along just fine? The way the farm came up, do you get the feeling they still work it as a family business?

Do you think this interview may just have been a little bit of damage control because the fans grow angry with the angle of this season?

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