Beth Chapman's not well and fights for her life against cancer right now. Fans of Beth and Duane 'Dog' of "Dog the Bounty Hunter" pray for her continuously for a miracle cure. Now, married on May 20, 2006, it looks like the famous couple postponed their anniversary celebrations due to terrible snowy weather in Colorado. Beth took to her Instagram to show fans what it was like, saying you could not even see the house. In fact, she noted that their "May 20th Anniversary is officially on hold due to bad weather!"

Fans of Beth of 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' grow concerned for her safety in the snowy weather

You can see in the video below that it really was very dark and murky, and obviously, road conditions were not safe.

We can assume from the video, that because Beth said the May 20 Anniversary was on hold, maybe they were going somewhere special, but decided to return to the safety of their home. Some "Dog the Bounty Hunter" fans noted they must really wish for warm Florida or Hawaii weather. Others noted that it's almost summer, and the weather's gone crazy.

Some fans told Beth Chapman that the weather seems very weird right now as it's flooding in Oklahoma. Others wished Beth and Duane a happy anniversary, noting their concern for her safety. Here's what some of them said about it:

  • @Msv**: "B safe and stay warm!"
  • @Sal**: "Omg gorgeous But drive careful."
  • @Rol**: " Be safe Beth & Dog. Snow will be out of here B4 Wednesday."
  • @kam**: "Omg! Drive careful ❤️"
  • @Trai**: "Yeah weather is weird & freaky these days, it's sad. Just take your time and be careful through it all."

Anniversary day for Beth Chapman was not all bad

It's likely that Beth did not endure a terrible day on her anniversary, as 12 hours before the video of the terrible snowy weather, she shared a lovely photo.

In the photo, there were some glorious flowers, orchids. Hey not everyone's a flower expert, and one fan asked what type of flowers they were. However, the perfect answer came from @khneal saying, "Beautiful just like you Beth! [You are a] beautiful woman inside & out & a beautiful smart mind."

Hopefully, Duane 'Dog' and her sons spoiled her silly on her special anniversary day.

Maybe the weather got in the way for a special outing, but fans' love and prayers for Beth Chapman of "Dog the Bounty Hunter" must surely bring warmth to her heart. What do you think about the weather going totally crazy this time of the year? Would you stress driving in that snow and slush and darkness Beth experienced? Hopefully, the weather clears soon and then the popular couple can take the May 20th Anniversary officially off hold.

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