"General Hospital" (GH) spoilers for the week of 20-24 May ensure twists and turns not to be missed. Port Charles will be the scene of incredible events that will change the lives of many characters forever. Nina will discover the truth about Willow and Valentin will have to deal with the woman's anger. Shiloh, on the other hand, will have to face one of his many enemies, possibly to a death outcome. Also, Ryan's return will make a lot of people shake. Finally, Sam will be in serious danger, as Archer will discover that he has been deceived and the head of the DoD will have no mercy.

'General Hospital': Willow discovers that Tait was pregnant

Weekly "GH" spoilers say that finally, the truth about Willow is about to be discovered. Nina will have a hard time when she discovers Valentin's murky deception. Mother and daughter will confront each other during a dinner, which will end in a decidedly unexpected way. Hell will break out between Willow and Nina. Afterwards, Willow will make an important phone call, which will be intercepted by Nina. The woman thus learns that Willow was pregnant and that she abandoned the baby immediately after the birth, giving it up for adoption.

According to 'Celebrity Dirty Laundry', we know that the situation is much more complicated than it may seem.

Nina still has a lot of work to do before she gets to the full truth. The woman is not aware of Willow's involvement in the DoD sect and can certainly not imagine that the child was given up for adoption so as not to end up in the hands of Shiloh and his followers.

Shiloh discovers the truth in the weekly episodes of 'General Hospital'

"General Hospital" spoilers announce that Shiloh will discover Willow's background. How will the head of the DoD react to the news of having a child? There will be a heated confrontation between Archer and Willow, during which Archer will lose his patience.

Michael will try to avoid the worst. Between Shiloh and Michael, there will be a fight, which will end badly for the head of the DoD. Meanwhile, we'll see Ryan's long-awaited return. Laura will learn that Chamberlain is about to return to Port Charles via a phone call.

Ava and Dr. Kevin have managed to find Ryan's hideout and carry out their plan. However, Ryan's bloody intentions will put them both at risk. From the "GH" promo we saw Ava with a knife, most likely intent on killing Ryan. Beware also of the storyline of Shiloh and Sam. Archer has discovered that the girl has made fun of him and is not going to forgive her. Jason will do anything to protect Sam and it's not excluded that he could kidnap her to take her to a safe place as he did in the past with Kristina. Without a doubt, the episode's not to be missed, as assured by the latest "General Hospital" spoilers.