The 2019 Nurses Ball on "General Hospital" has had more twists and turns than any ball in recent years. The action is fast paced and every second counts.

On Monday (May 20), Anna let Robert down easy, as Finn reclaimed the engagement ring he purchased for her. Lucy and Scott tried unsuccessfully to sabotage Kevin and Ava. Cameron convinced Jossyln to come to the gala on Oscar's behalf and Mike and Yolanda were lucid enough to enjoy themselves. Sonny bonded with his father and so far there have been no bombshells.

'GH' Nurses Ball begins in style

The annual "GH" Nurses ball began on Friday (May 17) with Robert photobombing Dr. Finn and Anna as they walked the red carpet. The people of Port Charles were very supportive as the 2019 fundraiser began. The Robert, Anna, and Finn love triangle has also been humorous.

Cameron showed up in an Uber to take Joslyn to the ball and she said she could not sing the duet without Oscar. It has been revealed that the teens will bring down the house with their tribute to their deceased friend later in the week.

Sam stunned Port Charles by arriving with Shiloh as her date and Dr. Finn realized Yvonne was wearing the ring he purchased for Anna. Sonny was informed of the mishap and told his dad the ring he had purchased was fake, so he gave it to his son who returned it to the doctor.

Yvonne is now wearing the replacement ring that Robert purchased. Before leaving to go back to Turning Woods, Mr. Corbin had a lucid moment and reminded his son in detail of the song they sang together at the annual event in 2018. Bobbie was singing with the nurses, but Liz Weber was not with the group. Her son, Cameron, assured Lucy the show would go on, then went to encourage Josslyn to come to the Nurses Ball.

Carly and Jax kept tabs on their daughter by texting as Joss watched the gala on TV at home with Kristina. Willow joined Chase on stage for his number as Nina glared at her from the audience.

Backstage Nurses Ball antics

Cameron ran into Lucy's llama and was talking to the animal about Oscar until Felix came to retrieve him.

Anna took Robert backstage and told him she loved him but was in love with Finn to which he replied: "I gathered that."

Ms. Devane mistakenly believed her former spouse wants to marry her again, but he only wants to make sure she is with the right man. "General Hospital" previews for Tuesday (May 21) show that Dr. Finn finally gets the courage to pop the questions.

Lucy and Scott tried to set a trap where Ava caught Kevin kissing his ex-girlfriend in a back room. The stunt went horribly wrong and Ms. Coe and Baldwin were both livid their plan did not work. Kevin and Ava were intrigued at the lengths people will go to break them up and they are not even really a couple.