Beth Chapman and Duane, "Dog the Bounty Hunter" both spoke out about the upcoming "Dog's Most Wanted" premiere dates. On Mother's Day, Beth spoke at the Source Church in Bradenton, Florida, about her cancer fight, and then later shared a photo of her at home on her special day. Plus, she later took to Twitter about the upcoming show. However, between Duane and Beth, contradictory premiere dates emerged, both on the same day, confusing fans.

'Dog the Bounty Hunter' mentions the upcoming premiere date at the church in Florida

Beth Chapman spoke at the Source Church who shared a video of it on the 'SourceChurchBradenton' videos page on Facebook.

Beth took to the stage, saying she had laryngitis, and her voice did sound a bit raspy. However, fans should expect that as she was diagnosed with throat cancer. Her speech was so beautiful and heartfelt and full of faith, that it moved people to tears and prayers for this lovely woman. noted that she said, "Chemotherapy is not my bag, people. Sorry, that’s not for me,” she said. “So for me, this is the ultimate test of faith."

However, where the bit about the upcoming show, "Dog's Most Wanted" comes in, relates to what Duane 'Dog' said when he introduced his wife at the church. Listening to the video, Duane said, "Happy Mother's day. So, first up I want to introduce you....we have a new show called Dogs Most Wanted, airing in October on WGN." He then went on and told a joke, before introducing Beth to the crowd.

The link to the video if you want to hear Beth is at the foot of this article under verified sources.

Beth Chapman's dates contradict Duane 'Dog's on 'Dog's Most Wanted'

Later, Beth went onto her Twitter and picked up on a tweet someone made about "Dogs Most Wanted" coming this year. Bear in mind this year October was the date that Duane, "Dog the Bounty Hunter" spoke about at the church earlier in the day.

Twitter user @Tami_Henrickson posted up saying, "Dog’s Most Wanted" is coming this year to @wgnamerica and you don’t want to miss it! @DogBountyHunter @MrsdogC @LelandBChapman & team of bounty hunters are back better than ever! #DogWGNA #DogsMostWanted #DogPound."

However, Beth Chapman replied saying, "There is no announcement about our show being this year." That totally confused fans as this contradicted what Dog had said in the church just a few hours before.

Beth contradicts Duane's 'Dogs Most Wanted' premiere date and fans got concerned

Fans became concerned as Beth later not only contradicted what Duane said at the church about the premiere date in October, but wanted to know where another user had heard it from. She wrote, " And where’d you hear that? News to us." So, twice in one day, Beth went against what Duane 'Dog' clearly said in the Church.

Whether poor Beth is exhausted from her cancer fight, or if Duane got the date wrong at the church we simply don't know.

Meanwhile, fans are beside themselves over Beth's cancer fight and her obvious struggle, while at the same time are terribly confused over the premiere date of "Dogs Most Wanted."

What do you think about Beth Chapman and "Dog the Bounty Hunter" contracting each other on the premiere date of "Dog's Most Wanted?" Hopefully, WGN will now clear up any confusion with an official statement.

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