"American Idol" 2019 airs on Sundays and right now we're' down to the Top 6 competing to stay in the competition. Almost from the beginning of season 17, Alejandro Aranda and Laine Hardy topped the odds of winning. In the ABC show, these two musicians are top rivals. So, seeing them get together and jam on their guitars really comes as a rare treat. Mind you, they do it so well, it highlights why both of them see varying predictions as taking away the top winning spot this year.

Alejandro Aranda and Laine Hardy take the preferred winner 'American Idol' polls

Gold Derby persistently place either Laine or Alejandro as winning "Idol" or at least getting through their rounds. Now, as Laine Hardy shared a video on Instagram of them playing the guitar together, you can see how narrow the gap is between them. Nevertheless, Laine notes that it's hard to keep up with Alejandro. Actually, many fans of "American Idol" love Alejandro for this guitar excellence, while fans of Laine love his adaptability and cool attitude.

While Alejandro draws an older demographic, Laine draws the teeny boppers, so both of them garnered massive voter bases. It looks unlikely, at this stage, that either of them leaves the show this weekend.

In fact, even if they did not grab the nationwide vote, the possibility exists that the judges could use their 'Save Vote.' In the meantime, it's nice for followers the show to just sit back and relax and listen to them jamming together.

Laine drops a video clip on Instagram of the two artists jamming together on their guitars

In the video that Laine dropped on his Instagram, we see the two artists jamming away on their guitars. Neither of them sings anything, so it's an instrumental to just enjoy. In fact, the pleasure of this little clip is that they don't sing.

Both of them just get it together and give us a rare treat. It's nice not to have to compare them and decide which number we need to text to keep them in the competition.

Here's what some of Laine's followers said about it:

  • @Jen**: "You two are toooo goood."
  • @msm**: "it’s totally happening, can’t argue with this kind of talent."
  • @The**: "You are both so good. My top 2 pick for sure!!!"
  • @Lan**: "Dude!! You guys need to sing together!!"
  • @Ash**: "ou both bring me so much joy with your music!!! You’re both so talented!!"
  • @Blu**: "He can play the hell outta that guitar."
  • @Pau**: "Our 2 finalists right here!"
  • @Whe**: "so much talent in one video but still pushing for a cover of old town road."
  • @Jes**: "That’s the top 2 right there! Love you both! Y’all have already made it! "

Right, so there you have it, loads of compliments.

So, it might be worth just sitting back and enjoying the vibe these two "American Idol" contestants bring. Tomorrow is another day, we can just enjoy the fact that they are out there to entertain us.

What do you think of the number they jammed together? Would you like to see them perform together?

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