"American Idol" 2019 predictions are tricky mid-week because as we go into the weekend, more people hop online to vote on various polls. We saw this with the Queen Night contest last week when Laine Hardy topped the predicted win, but hours ahead of it, Alejandro Aranda bounced back up. As it stands now, Thursday, May 2, Laine holds the top spot. Plus, predictions indicate Wade Cota goes home.

Current positions on Gold Derby show Laine Hardy at the top with Alejandro behind Madison and Jeremiah

Current figures on Gold Derby show Laine Hardy at number one to win "American Idol," with odds at 41/20.

In second place, Madison Vandenberg sits with odds at 16/5. Third, comes Jeremiah Harmon with 9/2. Alejandro sits at fourth spot with 5/1 odds. Under him, we see Laci Booth at 12/1 and Wade Cota at 100/1 in the last place. Meanwhile, they also looked at the odds to advance on from the Top 6 this weekend on May 5. On Sunday, the last six will sing their Inspirational Songs round. Two of them may go, one might get the judges' vote. American contemporary Christian singer/songwriter, Lauren Daigle will be the guest mentor for this week's competition.

This could change at any time, as people vote on and off on the site. However, the odds as it stands right now show:

  • Laine Hardy as the top choice to get through the Inspirational Songs round with odds at 1/50.
  • Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon at odds of 2/13.
  • Madison at 1/10
  • Alejandro at 1/10
  • Lacy Booth at 2/5, and
  • Wade Cota at 11/2.

Predictions Wade Cota goes home from 'American Idol,' Judges use Save Vote

On Gold Derby, predictions show that as of today, Wade Cota's marked as likely to leave the ABC show.

Fans of Wade may be disappointed, but then, last week many fans thought he'd be out, and Walker Burroughs in. So, again, odds and predictions can go wrong. However, TV Shows Ace reported that Gold Derby got the predicted eliminations right with Alyssa Raghu and Walker.

On the Judges' Save Vote, the Hollywood races site predict that they could use it this week.

As it stands, that won't save Wade Cota. However, the site mentioned last week, Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan might keep that for Alejandro or Jeremiah. Nevertheless, Laci Booth's hanging in by the skin of her teeth. However, the competition's so close right now, that almost any of the contestants may get the Save Vote.

What do you think of Laine Hardy sitting at the top spot to win "American Idol" overall? Do you think this will all change just ahead of Inspirational Songs? What about Alejandro? He's been in this place before and bounced right back up again. Wade Cota may be correctly predicted, but are the judges likely to save him? At this stage, it could be Jeremiah, Laci, Madison, or even Alejandro. Well, if nothing else, it shows an exciting Sunday of talent coming up.

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