"General Hospital" spoilers reveal what will take place after the death of Oscar Nero. Fans saw a dramatic and emotionally poignant episode. On social media, some viewers expressed their disappointment, as some rumors I had shared provided hope for Oscar. Instead, the boy died, surrounded by the affection of his family.

According to Soap Dirt, Josslyn will be desperate and will not be able to recover, worrying people close to her. Cameron will have continuous anger. Dr. Monica will feel guilty for not being able to save Oscar, although she always knew that the brain tumor would kill him.

The show is now promising great twists. Other "General Hospital" spoilers reveal that Oscar's death will allow two characters to reconnect.

What happens after Oscar's death

"General Hospital" spoilers reveal Nina's exit will be spectacular. The death of Oscar will also have many consequences. Dr. Kim Nero will be devastated and will not be able to cope with the death of his son. The doctor will try to stay close to Kim to offer her emotional support, but it won't be easy. Oscar was only 16 years old when his cruel fate decided to take him away forever. Drew may feel guilty about not spending more time with Oscar, but now it's too late. The only thing to do is try to go on and remember the good times spent in the company of the boy.

Josslyn will not be able to react to the mourning and her pain will consume her soul. Joss will not be able to accept the boy's death. "General Hospital" spoilers report that at Oscar's funeral, all those present will try to strengthen each other, despite the pain and tears. Drew will arrive in Port Charles and will have the opportunity to talk to Jax, united in pain.

The two men will find something in common.

'GH' spoilers: Jason and Drew establish bond

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, I can tell you that Drew and Jason will get to know each other and establish a deep bond. Both are adults and established men at work. Jason and Drew will leave behind the disagreements of the past and try to be friends.

At the same time, however, Jason will be engaged in his battle against Shiloh Archer. Jason, after kidnapping Kristina, wants to stop and destroy the DoD so that he doesn't reap other naive victims. "General Hospital" spoilers reveal that soon, Kristina will make a final decision about her joining the DoD. what will she do? Viewers will need to watch the show to find out for sure.