There is an old saying that one should be careful what they ask for because they just might get it. This coming week on "The Young and the Restless," Nikki Newman is going to receive more than she bargained for when she hired detective Rey Rosales to investigate her husband. A few weeks back, Victoria spotted her dad in Nevada and he did not give a satisfactory reason why. On Thursday (April 25), he left town again, immediately after Neil's funeral. Sharon and her new lover will head to Las Vegas, where they will uncover the secret of what Victor has been up to.

Sharon and Rey head to Las Vegas

Soaps She Knows indicates that Nikki will pressure Rey to take her up on her offer of investigating her spouse. He will eventually agree and Sharon will decide to go with him. The duo will head off to Las Vegas to find out what the Newman patriarch has been hiding. Adam is supposed to return to Genoa City by May 14, so viewers know he is out there somewhere. Mark Grossman has been confirmed for the role, but nothing has been said about the character having plastic surgery.

Rey has no knowledge of Adam, but his companion does. If no plastic surgery has been involved, then Sharon would recognize her former lover right away. Celeb Dirty Laundry suggests that She" will indeed discover Victor's second born son and that the duo will work great together.

When they report back to Nikki, however, what transpired in Las Vegas, things will really become crazy indeed. Mrs. Newman probably will not immediately believe them, but if they have photos there is no denying that Adam is among the living.

Victor's secrets will be exposed

Spoilers indicate that Rey and Sharon will indeed uncover what Victor ha been up to.

What if it has nothing to do with his son? The Newman patriarch had been able to keep his activities hidden until Victoria saw him in Las Vegas. There could be something else going on that will be a diversion for fans who are eager for Adam to show his face. Whatever Shey uncovers, CDL states that it will startle Nikki. When Victor finds out Rey and Sharon were spying on him, they might incur his wrath.

One thing that "Y&R" viewers know with certainty is that Adam will return to Genoa City by mid-May. Shey may be instrumental in ushering him back home, or they could uncover another secret that Victor is hiding. Whatever takes place in Las Vegas, viewers know that Mark Grossman has been hired and will soon show his face as Adam Newman. Newman's return is still veiled in secrecy.