''General Hospital'' spoilers say that Joss grieves for Oscar. Josslyn will be devastated from mourning and will alternate between moments of anger with others and moments of depression. Oscar's mother will vent her frustration on Cameron who, for her part, will try to understand the situation. Josslyn wants to realize one last desire of Oscar, that is to make him sing.

However, the undertaking seems difficult, as the boy's health deteriorates progressively, despite the fact that palliative care keeps the symptoms at bay. As if that were not enough, Oscar could die before the date set for the show.

At the same time, Jordan is struggling between life and death, waiting for a kidney transplant, which is the only chance to save her. What will happen?

Oscar has the hours counted

Spoilers, for general Hospital also poke fun at Josslyn's desire to have an Oscar at the prestigious Nurses Ball. The noble intention would be very difficult to achieve. The boy's state of health is very bad. In addition, Oscar could die before the date of the show. But Josslyn has promised his son that she would perform on stage with him. This dream is giving the brave boy one more reason to live.

Oscar, thanks to the hope of performing with his mother, is not thinking about dying and is, instead, focusing on a goal that is important to him.

Mother and son are looking for words to write the lyrics to the song, which will unite them forever even when Oscar's death comes. Josslyn, however, knows that this feeble hope will be very difficult to come true. In a time of depression, she will even tend to sing the song herself during her son's funeral ceremony.

Josslyn and Oscar, a special project

Thanks to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, we can tell you that Oscar and Josslyn will further strengthen their bond by working on this moving song. Back home, Joss will plunge into depression, thinking about when he will face his son's death. But the woman is certain that whatever happens, that song will be sung.

If Oscar were to die sooner, she could think of a replacement to take his place.

''GH'' spoilers also reveal that Josslyn will be supported by his entire family on this dramatic journey. Oscar himself will do everything possible to reassure her, telling her that her spirit will always be with her. Carly, Cameron, and Jasper will take care of Joss' emotional state and try to comfort her as much as possible. Meanwhile, Jordan is still looking for a compatible kidney donor. It is not excluded that Oscar's parents want to make a final gesture of love and give consent for the removal of organs. In this way, Jordan would be saved thanks to a little hero. In any case, there will be dramatic scenes that will make us cry a lot. See you soon with more exciting ''General Hospital'' spoilers.