Song Hye Kyo pregnancy rumors resurface on the internet again as the actress was spotted at the airport. As always, the actress was haunted by a number of Korean reporters. Song seemed very careful to hold a coat that concealed much of her stomach. Kyo was present at Incheon International Airport, South Korea to catch a flight to Thailand to attend an event. Dressed in a chiffon dress, the actress of "Descendants of the sun" also used Italian accessories. She had square-heeled shoes and a shoulder bag. Notably, not for the first time, Song Hye Kyo used a coat when appearing in public and in front of reporters.

Divorce rumors

Song Hye Kyo married co-star Song Joong Ki in October 2017. Since the marriage, the couple was always troubled by rumors of separation. Kyo often reaps the public spotlight with her performances at certain events or while at the airport. The star of the series "Encounter" has rarely worn a wedding ring, as with her husband, Song Joong Ki. Also, Kyo abruptly deleted a series of photos on her personal Instagram page in February 2019. This also made the public speculate that Kyo's marriage to Ki was in trouble.

According to Devdiscourse, The Chinese media is determined to report that the couple is on the verge of divorce. Not long ago, the actress greeted fans while attending an event organized by the cosmetics brand she started, in Thailand.

Wearing a short white dress, Song Hye Kyo was seen wearing a small ring in her right hand but not on the ring finger. She actually wore the ring on her middle finger. But it is not yet known whether the ring worn by the star of "My Brilliant Life" is her wedding ring or just an ordinary accessory ring.

Previously, the agencies of Kyo and Song Joong Ki called divorce reports by the Chinese media, "absurd." Since the rumors spread, the Song and Song couple has never once appeared together.

Song Joong Ki is still focusing on the "Asadal Chronicles" project while Song Hye Kyo recently signed a contract with director Vuong Gia Ve's film company to develop her acting career in the Chinese market. Kyo has expressed her interest to work on more projects with Chinese filmmakers

Fans opinions

It is worth noting that both of them really maintain privacy and never indulge in intimacy in public or on social media.

So, it's not surprising when Song Hye Kyo doesn't wear rings while on the move. Meanwhile, the audience admires the couple and are trying to defend and protect the idol's marriage. Many people believe that the media is making up false news which is impacting on the families of the two stars. On the other hand, there are fans who believe that Kyo's marriage is in crisis, even though they have just been married for a short time.