On April 25, Mishael Morgan and Victoria Rowel will share with "Y&R" viewers a tribute to the late Kristoff St. John. On the 26, the show itself will air a special episode to say farewell to his character Neil Winters. Spoiler alerts now reveal that Malcolm is headed back to Genoa City to deliver the news of his brother's sudden death. He will also be bringing with him the body of his sibling, so he can be laid to rest. These back to back tributes are said to be heartfelt, touching, a fitting goodbye for this soap veteran. Thus far, the powers that be are keeping mum, regarding how the character met his demise.

Malcolm brings Neil back to Geno City

"The Young and the Restless" has not mentioned Neil since Kristoff St. John passed away on February 1. Nor has anyone said where Mr. Winters went or why. Devon is caught up in his music business, Lily is in jail, and nothing has been said regarding the Hamilton/Winters group in quite a while. Soap Opera Spy is now revealing that Malcolm will be returning to Genoa City with his deceased brother’s body in tow.

Viewers want to know what happened to Neil but no one has from the show has given any clue surrounding the specific circumstances. There is much speculation however that his death may be the result of an automobile accident. Considering this is how Devon lost Hilary and his unborn child, "The Young and the Restless" writers may consider something different.

Kristoff St. John died of complications from heart disease and drinking, so those options may be out as well.

'Y&R' will handle Neil's death with dignity

One thing that is certain is that the new "Y&R" head writer is making decisions that are pleasing fans, so there is no doubt Neil's death will be handled with dignity. Soap Dirt indicates that his memorial service may have an unexpected impact on his daughter Lily.

Spoilers say he will be released from prison soon and move away from Genoa City, leaving Cane to rear three children alone. It's possible that when she returns for her father's service and sees her grieving loved ones she just might change her mind.

Spoilers have promised to update information regarding Neil's funeral service when news becomes available.

Be sure to mark the dates of April 25-26 on your calendar, and get out your tissues. You don't want to miss Victoria Rowel and Mishael Morgan's tributes, to their televisions husband. Malcolm's return to Genoa City will also be must-see TV. Saying their final farewells to the talented Kristof St. John will not be easy for his former castmates, but they will get through it. Continue watching your favorite soap characters on "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 PM EST.