"The Young and the Restless" spoilers reveal that a mysterious character will arrive in Genoa City to shake the plots and create panic. Fans wonder who he might be. According to the most accredited hypothesis, it seems that it's Ian. If this were real, in the soap there would be a great revolution and several characters would be in danger. However, according to the indiscretions of Celebrity Dirty Laundry, it's not to be underestimated the hypothesis that the dark side of Mia takes over. And let's not forget that Ryan's return is imminent. ''Y&R'' spoilers ensure that when this happens, there will be a tremor.

Who comes to Genoa City to create panic?

''The Young and the Restless'' latest spoilers also reveal that the plots of the soap will undergo great changes. Several characters will leave Genoa City while others will arrive in the city, ready to give life to other interesting storylines. Fans are excited about Adam's imminent return. Newman is ready to make the soap opera scenarios even more exciting. In addition, Victor could also return, who has no intention of showing his good side. He belongs to the ranks of the 'bad guys' and will remain with them. After all, that's also what fans like. Ashley isn't living a happy moment and can't recover after the bad things suffered by Jack. In this case, her lie about Jack's fatherhood is understandable.

''Y&R'' spoilers suggest that Jack and Ashley will still discuss their relationship, which seems to be shaky. However, it is not excluded that their relationship may go in a positive direction.

Ian's return to Genoa City is possible and dangerous

Two characters may surprise you with unexpected actions into the soap opera. We're talking about Mia and Phyllis.

Summers has warped several intrigues, though not so dangerous. Mia, on the other hand, is rather ambiguous. She doesn't seem dangerous, but she hides a dark side within herself that shouldn't be underestimated. According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, this aspect of her could get the upper hand. So who is the mysterious character that, according to spoilers, will upset Genoa City?

The most reliable hypothesis is that it's Ian. Yes, Ian might come back and join the storyline that will involve Victor and Adam. Moreover, it is not excluded that he has a fundamental role in giving a boost to Mariah. Be careful, because the return of the evil Ryan is also approaching. Without a doubt, we will know more with the next episodes of the soap broadcast on CBS and always able to excite viewers. Don't miss the next ''Young and the Restless'' spoilers and stay tuned.