"Teen Mom 2" fans know that Jenelle Evans felt miserable at the reunion because she posted about it on Twitter and Instagram. Now, US Weekly revealed that rumors of getting her tubes tied were based on truth, so no wonder she's feeling down. However, she's on the mend and husband, David Eason's there for her. In fact, he gave her a get-well gift hoping to encourage her during her time of healing.

Jenelle Evan's health issues included cysts and polyps

Communicating with Jenelle's rep, US Weekly broke their exclusive that said, "She’s healing properly and focusing on her business ventures.” They added that David Eason went to the hospital and stayed by her side for the procedures.

The news outlet also wrote, " Evans had polyps on her uterus and cysts on her ovaries. Her left ovary was removed, while the right one was tied. The polyps were sent off to the lab for testing."

Earlier, Jenelle took to her Facebook and talked about no more kids and tubes being tied. The trouble is, that many "Teen Mom 2" fans think she says things to get attention. Lots of them disbelieved her, but she did tell the truth and it can't be easy for her. That's why David being there for her probably helped her a lot. Now, on his Instagram Stories, we saw him cooking her a meal, plus he shared a pic of her with a new surfboard.

Tubes tied mean no more babies for 'Teen Mom' with three children

With only one ovary remaining, and that being tied, means no more babies for Jenelle.

She's the mother of three children. David Eason's the dad of her sweet little two-year-old, Ensley. Then there's Kaiser aged four, from baby daddy Nathan Griffith, and Jace, by baby daddy Andrew Lewis. Jenelle's not yet 30-years-old, and sometimes doctors hesitate to perform the operation on women of childbearing age. Nevertheless, while it's not confirmed, possibly the polyps and cysts concerned them enough to consider the operation.

Fans of "Teen Mom 2" always slam Jenelle. Actually, on social media, it obvious that whether she had the tubes tied or not, she can't do anything right. As one follower said on Twitter, so many people want her to stop having babies and now she can't, they still put out the hate on her. Poor Jenelle just can't seem to win out with trolls and haters of the MTV show.

Nevertheless, her loyal fans no doubt hope she's on the mend, getting back her health and that David's looking after her.

David Eason cheers the 'Teen Mom 2' star up with a get-well gift

On Saturday, April 13, David took to his Instagram and posted a photo of Jenelle sitting in a wheelchair, outside what looks like a hospital. On her lap, she's holding a nice surfboard. He said in the caption that he hopes to encourage her to "get well soon." David added, "At least we got some answers and you should be all better in no time! I love you so much!"

As usual, trolls turned out to slam him, but many fans of Jenelle sent her their best wishes and hopes for her health.

What do you think about Jenelle Evans getting her tubes tied and other health procedures done?

Are you happy for Jenelle that she had David Eason by her side? He certainly seems encouraging and gave her a lovely get-well gift to encourage her healing.

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