Agents of SHIELD” is set to make its return May 10 as part of ABC's summer season. Before the new season has even aired, the network has already renewed the series for a seventh season which has been hinted at being the possible last season.

ABC recently released a series of cast photos which tease Clark Gregg's newest role labeled as Sarge, who just by the photo, is a clear difference from the beloved Phil Coulson. It's been confirmed that Coulson is officially dead this time around and the team will be grieving the loss. Season six will pick up a year after the events of season five and will find the team facing the reality of not having saved Coulson or Fitz.

The series stars Clark Gregg, Chloe Bennet, Ming-Na Wen, Iain De Caestecker, Elizabeth Henstridge, Henry Simmons, Natalia Cordova-Buckley, and Jeff Ward.

Clark Gregg teases new role in 'Agents of Shield'

Clark Gregg teased at WonderCon, that the time Coulson and May spent in Tahiti may be alluded to during the new season. The actor went on to share about his experience playing a new character after all this time playing Coulson, stating how thrilling it is and how much of a different person Sarge is compared to Coulson.

He continued with how this new character is someone antagonistic towards all the agents who are all people Coulson loved. Gregg teased to TV Line that the truth about what his character may be up to may disturb fans while Chloe Bennet added, fans are in for a treat seeing Gregg do something totally different.

Mack's new role

Henry Simmons shared at WonderCon about Mack's new role as Director which has created some distance between him and the others, and while Mack would want to continue on in the same role of camaraderie he's had with the others as an agent, he can't do that now.

Chloe Bennet explained to TV Guide this shift in dynamics mixes things up for the characters now Mack is the new Director in charge.

At WonderCon, Jeff Ward gushed about getting to work with his 'grandparents' while explaining how for Deke, this experience is something good because Deke grew up without family. The actor adds that Daisy and Deke see something of themselves in the other and that's why they have so much conflict.

Elizabeth Henstridge shared with TV Line that when "Agents of SHIELD" season 6 picks back up Jemma will be on a mission to find Fitz.

The new season will focus on the search for Fitz who's currently frozen in space which is where he was when the team was in the future fighting for their lives and the fate of the world.

Thanks to time travel, this Fitz won't remember marrying Jemma. It can be guessed the biggest obstacles the couple will face will be reuniting, not with the state of their relationship. The different stages they're both at in their memories is assumed to cause some conflict. Henstridge shared with TV Guide that Jemma isn't quite ready to grieve for Fitz yet as she's determined to find him again and has zero doubts she'll be able to get him back.