Song Hye Kyo announced at an event in February that she planned to take a break and not to accept any more filming offers, to focus on taking care of her family, with big plans for her life. Netizens were suspicious and many fans thought that the South-Korean actress might be planning to become pregnant after more than a year of marriage. However, recently, the couple's rumored to be divorced. The silence of both husband and wife has made many fans worried.

Pregnancy rumors

Last February, Chinese media simultaneously released information and their evidence about the divorce of Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki.

However, representatives of two famous stars denied this information. Nearly two months ago, Kyo also avoided updating information on her personal page because she wanted to avoid over-hyped communication. However, the latest image of the Korean beauty on her friend's personal page makes her fans very excited. In the picture, she is decorating her handbag.

At the end of hours of decorating the bag, Song Hye Kyo showed off her own bag with the letter "J" and this is the abbreviation of her husband, Song Joong Ki's name. The fact that Song Hye Kyo put her husband's name on the bag could be a statement that her marriage to Song Joong Ki is still peaceful despite rumors.

Kyo is in a good mood, she is comfortable designing her own bags. Many people were keen to discover that she had attached the abbreviated logo that seemed to refer to Joong Ki's name. In fact, Song Hye Kyo has a hobby of designing handbags. Not expensive brands, she often chose the History by Dylan brand - a special brand that sells hand-crafted, vintage-style bags.

This brand was founded by Korean original designer, Dylan Ryu in 2005.

The fact that Kyo wore a baggy shirt also attracted the attention of the netizens. Some say that this is only a Korean beauty habit, while some believe that she may be pregnant, so she has to wear loose clothes to hide her belly. Song Hye Kyo fell in love with her colleague, Joong Ki in 2015 when they collaborated in the movie "Descendants of the Sun." The couple publicly announced their relationship in 2017 after two years of secret dating.

Also in 2017, they held a wedding with the participation of many friends in the entertainment industry.

Joong Ki's new movie

The teaser of "Asadal Chronicles" was released recently. The 16-second cinematic teaser is appreciated for its great graphics. The teaser also introduced the lead hero, Song Joong Ki. Notably, "Captain" Song Joong Ki is transformed in an aboriginal style with ruffled hair, a strong, dark face, and dark lips. The story revolves around the destiny of the people in the land of Asadal in ancient times. Eun Som (Song Joong Ki) is a child born with a prediction that will bring a painting to the kingdom. It is one of the most-anticipated South Korean movies of 2019.