"Sister Wives" fans know that the Brown family struggled to sell their Vegas houses. Now, they can celebrate and surely they must all be like "Whoop Whoop," as Christine's home finally sold on April 2. Radar Online reported the happy event this week. Fans of the show saw in the current season, that Kody Brown stressed about finances with the Flagstaff move, so the sale should be a big help.

The 'Sister Wives" Brown family moved before they sold the houses in Vegas

Radar Online followed the property listings since they first learned of the move from Vegas.

Variously, they reported on the properties in Flagstaff, as well as the listings in Las Vegas. Over the months, they reported that Robyn Brown's home went first and she managed to get her reduced asking price of $603,000 in February. Now, Christine finally sold her home for $614,900 this week. Originally, the home listed at $675,000, and progressively got the price slashed.

As the "Sister Wives''' family moved to Flagstaff before they sold any of the Vegas homes, Kody went out on a limb making offers on Flagstaff properties. First, he rented homes and subsequently signed on for a property where he wants to build one gigantic home for everyone. We saw that in last week's episode. However, renting and building without substantial money in the bank could fray anyone's nerves.

Other homes of the 'Sister Wives' not sold yet

No doubt, everyone's breathing a sigh of relief, but two more homes still need buyers. Janelle's property didn't get a buyer despite Kody making a personal appearance, TV Shows Ace reported in March. Citing Radar, they noted that "Janelle had dropped her asking price $50k." She also dropped a further $25,000 but so far, no takers.

Janelle Brown's home's initial price was set at $649,000 and so far dropped to $574,000.

Other bad news on the home sales' front is the fact that Meri Brown also splashed her price due to no buyers. In March, she dropped her price by $25,000. The current asking price for that is $574,900. This means there's still about a million dollars tied up in those two remaining Las Vegas homes.

That's a lot of money that the Browns could probably use. Over on Instagram and Twitter, many "Sister Wives" fans note that Flagstaff, Arizona properties really seem more expensive than elsewhere.

'Whoop Whoop' can easily be imagined in the 'Sister Wives' family

Fans can easily imagine the Brown family celebrating. Although two properties remain, it must be special for Christine. After all, she went on the Puerto Rico LuLaroe cruise last week and missed her 25th Anniversary. Not to worry, though, as Aspyn Brown posted on her Instagram that her mom and dad would celebrate when she got back home. Plus, son Paedon came home from graduating National Guard Bootcamp. With the house sale to top it off, it certainly looks like things look up for Christine in April.

What do you think about Christine Brown finally getting a buyer for her Vegas home? Do you think it maybe came in the nick of time to ease the financial hardship of moving to Flagstaff?

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