Monday's episode of “Shadowhunters” sent fans through the emotional wringer as Alec sat by Magnus's bedside and even pleaded to Lorenzo to save Magnus. The episode also featured a special dance fans have been waiting for and a team up to summon Lilith that goes wrong. At the end, Clary sent Jonathan to the cell in the Institute and in a surprising twist Alec went to his mother to get the Lightwood family ring in order to propose to Magnus. Fan favorite duo, Sizzy (Simon and Izzy) had some moments throughout as the two have begun to show sparks leading toward a relationship from an adorable pinky swear, to stay single forever, to Simon saving Izzy from Jonathan.

Only a few teases have been given for the remaining episodes of "Shadowhunters," but it's clear events will continue to get worse before the end.

A Malec Proposal

Unfortunately, only a handful of episodes remain in "Shadowhunters" season 3 before the series finale. Freeform has released episode descriptions for April. The promo for next Monday's episode teases two major things happening: A Malec proposal and Simon going undercover. The promo teases fans with snippets of Jace questioning Alec about why he's so nervous, a glimpse of the Lightwood ring, Simon going undercover to discover what the Clave is really doing to the Downworlders, and Simon in danger. The press release for “Heavenly Fire” teases that in addition to Simon (Alberto Rosende) and Izzy's secret mission, Clary (Kat McNamara) will be conflicted about her brother (Luke Baines).

Freeform has released a sneak peek for the episode of Simon and Izzy going to Alec with their plan and what information she managed to retrieve from Shadowhunter Greenlaw. The three look over prisoner profiles and Izzy mentions how this may be the key to helping Clary. The sneak peek ends with Simon and Izzy (Emeraude Toubia) showing Simon's undercover profile with the name Zeke Russo.

The episode airs April 8.

Demon outbreak on Halloween

Episode 18 “The Beast Within” will air on April 15 and was originally meant to air for Halloween of last year. The episode focuses on the Shadowhunters dealing with a demon outbreak while Jace (Dominic Sherwood) continues to worry about Clary and Alec (Matthew Daddario) juggles his concern for Magnus (Harry Shum Jr.

). The outbreak. Episode 19 “Aku Cinta Kamu” will air April 22 and teases another undercover mission.

This time Jace is the one going undercover to save Clary from her brother while Simon, Izzy, and Luke (Isaiah Mustafa) team up to find a way to destroy the bond between Jonathan and Clary. The press release also teases Izzy working to find answers before Jace is discovered. Episode 20 “City of Glass” airs April 29. The episode finds Jace, Alec, and Izzy enacting a plan to save Clary and stop Jonathan but the plan may not go over well with Simon and Luke. The episode also finds Magnus, described as being emotionally raw, having to deal with the reappearance of his father, while Maia (Alisha Wainwright) has a decision to make that could change her future.

Jonathan's role in the remaining episodes, Luke Baines teases to TV Guide, is that Jonathan will do a few things which will test any conflicted feelings fans may have for him. The actor adds that the twinning rune he shares with Clary could have just as much of an effect on Jonathan as his darkness has on Clary which the actor believes will occur in episode 20.

Not much is known about the events of the series finale but fans have been speculating about possibilities since the 3B trailer teased a wedding and a Malec proposal is officially on board for next week. It was recently announced the finale has been upped to two-and-a-half hours. EP Todd Slavkin shares with EW how they took a chance by asking and Freeform allotted to air more. The finale is set to air May 6.