''Game of Thrones'' is set to return on April 14 with its final chapter. Season 8's premiere celebration took place at the New York's Radio City Music Hall, New York as the extended cast gathered for one last time together. According to hollywoodreporter.com, the lavish final season premiere started with a two-hour-long red-carpet arrival on Wednesday night.

Although the series is headed for its final season, this event attracted some characters who didn't make it to this point of the story as they were killed off along the way. Among them, Natalie Dormer, Jason Momoa, Sean Bean, and Rose Leslie went down the proverbial red carpet for the last time as part of the ''Game of Thrones'' universe.

Pilou Asbaek broke the code of silence for 'Game Of Thrones'

Naturally, questions regarding the show's final play popped up from every surrounding corner. Although secrecy prevailed, there was one character who spilled the beans. Not much, but enough to raise further questions. Playing the Euron Greyjoy character, the Danish actor, Pilou Asbaek failed to keep his secrets and went on bragging about being probably the only character with a happy ending in the series.

Now, if one would take a step back and consider all the pieces of information available at this point, Asbaek's insight may not be totally out of place. After all, almost all the major characters are trapped in Winterfell awaiting the Night King's arrival while Euron Greyjoy is at sea leading that impressive fleet.

And, the most recent teaser shows no sign of Greyjoy in the vicinity of Winterfell.

That remark wasn't Asbaek's sole comment though, as a statement he offered to Sky Atlantic raised an eyebrow or two regarding his work ethic. Apparently, the guy doesn't like to read the whole script.

Euron Greyjoy chose Cersei Lannister team

As the entire population of Westeros is preparing to fight for its very survival, some others may pursue a second agenda. That goes for Cersei Lannister who sees Euron Greyjoy as the perfect fit for her plot. Although she pledged her support to Daenerys and Jon Snow, Cersei saw Euron's fleet as the ace in the sleeve she had been looking for.

Euron Greyjoy has that impressive fleet and with Cersei's Golden Company stepping in, their alliance may shift the balance of power. It would be interesting to see if they'll get involved in the battle for Westeros or if Euron and Cersei act in the line of their opportunistic characters.

If we're to believe Pilou Asbaek, Euron Greyjoy may collect some of the crumbs and even survive the Night King-plotted invasion of Westeros. Or maybe he'll just have a change of heart and decide to do the right thing by lending his support for the greater cause.