"Sister Wives" fans love it that Meri Brown shares so much of life with them on her Instagram. However, looking through old tabloid and soapy articles, it looks like she deleted her main account because it disappeared. Also, nothing comes up from that account on Instagram Stories and a search for her account name yields no results. It seems to have vanished into thin air, and people probably wonder why.

Fans of 'Sister Wives' enjoyed Meri's IG account @MeriBrownOriginal

Fans of TLC's show enjoyed Meri Brown's @MeriBrownOriginal account as she shared so much of her daily life there.

Unlike her Lularoe account, it was more about her doggies, time with Mariah, fun with friends, and that type of thing. Meri Brown previously only had two accounts. One of those was the @lularoemeribrown account where she does promotional stuff for her fashion line franchise. The other one, MeriBrownOriginal was more of a fun place to interact.

We saw Meri starting a painting project there, lovely winter scenery, and fun pics of her clearing the snow. Additionally, we saw little peeks into her life like the deer that charmed her when she moved into her Flagstaff home. Fans of "Sister Wives" saw Meri as she is, just being Meri. However, it looks like now, Meri's not that interested in keeping an Instagram account just for fun.

These days it seems to be more about work as you can see from the tweet below.

Meri Brown does business posts on Insta

These days it looks very much like Meri's just keeping Instagram for business.

Recently, fans of the show saw that she managed to raise some funds so she could acquire her old family home in Parowan, Utah. She managed to get it and finally reopened it as Lizzie's Heritage Inn last year. On season 13 of the "Sister Wives" show, we saw the grand opening, but it actually opened over a year ago. Now, Brown also has an Instagram account for that business.

We can't know for sure why Meri closed her personal Instagram account. Perhaps it's from trolling, or even personal security. Maybe it's just too time-consuming to maintain three accounts. Then again, perhaps it's a sign that the rumors may be true that she's moving on from the Kody Brown family. She repeatedly denies that she is, but we never know for sure what's going on in people's lives.

What do you think about Meri Brown deleting her personal MeriBrownOriginal account on Instagram? Will you miss seeing those fun pictures and random posts she used to share there?

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