The “Shadowhunters” finale is fast approaching with only one more episode left before the supersized finale. Much has happened over the 3B from a failed Malec proposal to the sudden mundane life of a favorite vampire with more set to come in the last few episodes. Fans have watched the struggles Magnus has faced without his magic along with new obstacles in his relationship with Alec.

The beginning of 3B saw the two in a relatively happy place but that was short-lived. After Magnus nearly dies from the magic he got from Lorenzo, Alec begged the High Warlock to save the man he loves and eventually makes a deal to get Magnus's magic back at the cost of their relationship.

The season also saw the addition of Luke Baines as Jonathan whose journey has been a focal point.

Thanks to a twinning rune Clary has been influenced to the dark side, pulling her away from Jace. The season has also explored the budding relationship between Simon and Isabelle who have taken small steps toward as the two went from swearing off love to Simon's sister calling him out on having feelings for Isabelle. They aren't the only ones experiencing romance as 3B saw the beginning of a surprising and sweet relationship between Maryse and Luke.

A plan to save Clary

Monday's episode of “Shadowhunters” will find Jace (Dominic Sherwood), Isabelle, and Alec devising a plan to save Clary from Jonathan (Luke Baines) now that he has brought out her dark side and Jace's attempt to bring her back failed.

Their plan won't go over well with Simon and Luke (Isaiah Mustafa). The episode will also find Magnus dealing with his father's reappearance in his life. The last episode saw Asmodeus return Magnus's magic after he managed to leave Edom and Alec end his relationship with Magnus.

Meanwhile, Maia (Alisha Wainwright) will be faced with a life-changing decision which teased in the promo is Jordan giving Maia the option of using the cure he stole from the Institute to become a mundane again.

While the sneak peek photos don't give much away, they do tease a few things fans are super excited for: such as how close Simon (Alberto Rosende) and Isabelle (Emeraude Toubia) appear to be getting and Meliorn talking to Alec and Jace in Alec's office. The photos also tease some serious talk at the Institute, Jace and Isabelle facing off against Clary and Jonathan, and Maia having conversations with Jordan and Luke.

The promo teases the showdown of Clary and Jonathan versus Jace and Isabelle with Clary reminding Jace she told him what would happen if he got in her way again. Elsewhere in the promo, Jordan tells Maia to take the cure and live a normal life for the both of them while showing her the wound from the vampires hasn't seemed to have healed while Asmodeus tries to sway Magnus by telling him together they can rule the entire demonic plane. Several action-packed moments are teased throughout such as Isabelle and Alec readying to face off with a hoard of demons coming from the sky.

The sneak peeks show a few of the various storylines fans can expect from the upcoming episode such as Asmodeus giving Magnus a pretzel and attempting to bond while Magnus tells his father he's not going to take him back with open arms and then a discussion about his apartment that could lead to a showdown between Magnus and Lorenzo.

Luke meanwhile has a conversation with the Praetor Lupus and is told they have been monitoring one of their former Praetors and that he has something that they need. The last sneak peek shows Jonathan and Clary discussing how he's waiting for the other shoe to drop with Clary responding how she was wrong about him and the rune allowed for her to see him for he is. The episode is called “City of Glass.”

Fight against Jonathan in the finale

Luke Baines shares during the Build Brunch about the supersized finale and how Freeform granted them the extra half hour. During the interview, the actor teases about his sad last scene with Katherine McNamara and how they couldn't stop crying. He shares about his reaction to the arc of Jonathan and how a lot has happened but praises how much content he has to work with and how nice it is for Jonathan to be such a layered character.

Teasing about Jonathan's place in the finale, Baines shares about seeing a possible different side to Jonathan and explains how he went into his portrayal as seeing Jonathan as someone who isn't just a black and white villain.

Katharine McNamara teases to Syfy Wire what's to come in the finale is the best way to end the show even if it's still bittersweet and assures fans they give closure to as many things as they could while teasing several iconic book moments to come. On the subject of Asmodeus and Magnus, Harry Shum Jr. teases to TV Guide on an episode of “Farewell to Shadowhunters” the two haven't quite reconciled but his father is the only one that has reached out to him. The actor teases the last scene he filmed was a dance party while Matthew Daddario hints at a similar tease on his "Farewell" episode that his last scene was in a party atmosphere and a great place to end.

The press releases from Freeform tease what's to come in the two-part finale. The first part “Alliance" will find Clary (Katherine McNamara) forming a plan to draw together Shadowhunters and Downworlders in the fight against Jonathan while Alec (Matthew Daddario) tries to find out how to help Magnus (Harry Shum Jr.). In part two “All Good Things...” Jonathan begins his reign of terror as the Shadowhunters struggle for how to stop him and Clary makes a sacrifice that could have lasting implications for everyone. The press release also teases a wedding for one special couple which fans have been speculating about since the 3B trailer and is quite possibly the dance party referenced by the actors. The finale airs May 6.