Beth Chapman, famed for her work with husband Duane 'Dog The Bounty Hunter' posted to her Instagram just days after a death hoax did the rounds. In fact, she's not dead and Snopes confirmed that and the story was debunked by them. Now, it seems someone possibly spotted Beth out and about with 'Dog' in Pueblo, Colorado. Duane's out "making America safe again, " according to a video that Beth shared on her Instagram. Plus, KKTV 11 news reported some people spotted Duane in town with a camera crew.

Hunting fugitives in Pueblo, 'Dog The Bounty Hunter' spotted with camera crews

While reports about 'Dog' wandering around town with his camera crew reached TV stations, some people went to check out Instagram. In the video that Beth Chapman posted, it looked like she was not in the filming. However, it seems that later she was spotted at the scene. It all comes just days after a hoax report hit the internet that Beth had died from her cancer. Seeing Beth alive and posting to Instagram brought relief to fans of "Dog the Bounty Hunter" and other spinoff shows.

One Country reported that Beth did go to the hospital recently, where doctors drained fluid from her lungs, but later, she posted a beautiful photo of herself with an Easter message.

'Dog' took to their Facebook to confirm she was not dead, as well. Still, some people never got the message and fans are saying they are so sorry for the loss. Bad news seems to travel much faster than good news, so hopefully, those praying for Beth Chapman to get well, don't stop just yet.

Video posted by Beth shows Dog's making America safe again in Colorado

In the video post, Beth captioned it with, "Leonard Trujillo JR Pueblo to Colorado Springs back to rocky ford cash reward let’s get him. #wgnamerica #dogsmostwanted." The video shows 'Dog' gathering young people around him and he explains he's with the community to try and hunt down a suspect fugitive.

His name's Leonard Trujillo Jr.. 'Dog' says he's there with "Neighborhood Watch." He's raising awareness for this guy who's "wanted on severe felonies...and he's a menace to this neighborhood." He adds, " So, we've got all the neighbors out here, the good ones..and we need help finding this guy."

Then he showed the wanted poster, but it was not very clear. Luckily, one Facebook user later duplicated it and shared it on the KKTV 11 post. You can see it a bit further down in this article. 'Dog' continued, saying that "the only way they can find him is [with] your help." He adds, "we're cleaning up America one city at a time." Then he raises his arm and yells, "we're here to make America safe again!

" Everyone cheers. Meanwhile, some fans asked on the post comments where Beth was?

Spotted by at least two people, it very much looks like Beth Chapman

Beth Chapman, if that's who it is holding out a poster from the side of the car, wears dark glasses. However, it's likely that's her as another person driving by filmed the gathering on the side of the road. Again, it's blurry and dark, but we hear the driver of that car saying Beth's in the front seat. if you look very carefully, yes, it looks like she is. Two sightings, mean probably mean that she accompanied 'Dog.' Maybe she's not up to running around and cheering, but it looks like she's there. Note that it's hardly likely someone else is wearing her ring we see in other pics from her on Instagram.

You can also see the video by people lucky enough to spot Duane 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' on the sidewalk where the filming went down. As mentioned, it's not very clear, but you do see that blonde hair near the end. Plus, it gives you another perspective on what went down.

What do you think about Beth Chapman probably being out with Duane 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' in Pueblo, Co.? Did you already know the death report was a hoax? What do you think about Dog "making America safe again?"

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