Clary and Alec will find themselves at odds with each other again in season 3 of the “Shadowhunters.” Matthew Daddario, who plays Alec Lightwood, teased that there will be a conflict between the two shadowhunters because of Jace’s resurrection.

A look back at Clary and Alec’s relationship

It seems Alec has never really warmed up to Clary (Katherine McNamara) yet. In Season 1, he regarded her with disdain especially after he learned that Jace has feelings for her. Alec saw Clary as the bearer of bad tidings. They argued more than they agreed on things.

Alec thought that the Shadow World would not have been in a mess if Clary had not welcomed herself as part of the Shadowhunters.

Then in the sophomore season, Alec slowly learned to accept Clary as part of the team. He also came to terms with the fact that his parabatai loves her. However, viewers sensed that he still has reservations when it comes to being warm and open to her. Suffice to say that Alec has yet to be more accepting of Clary and bond more with her.

Conflict arise

Matthew Daddario talked about Alec’s parabatai connection with Jace in an interview at the recent New York Comic Convention. Given what happened to Jace in the Season 2 finale, it will be interesting to find out if Jace’s resurrection affected his bond with Alec.

Daddario mentioned that Clary would once again cause some problems for Alec because she's not truthful and straightforward.

Apparently, Clary and Jace will keep his resurrection a secret and Alec will start to wonder about what is going on with his parabatai. “Alec is going to struggle a little bit with what exactly is going on with his parabatai because his parabatai is maybe not being entirely truthful either,” Daddario told Fansided.

It would not be a surprise if Clary and Alec will find themselves in conflict with each other again in the “Shadowhunters” Season 3 because of Jace.

On her end, Katherine McNamara reasoned that Jace and Clary do not want everyone to know what happened to Jace. To be on the safe side, they want to keep Jace’s resurrection a secret to “have as little collateral damage as possible.”

Jace under Lilith’s influence

Eventually, the truth will come out once everyone notices that something is not right with Jace.

The trailer for the “Shadowhunters” Season 3 revealed that he sees visions of Sebastian. An unseen force also causes him pain. It seems the arrival of the greater demon Lilith affects him the most because he is now vulnerable to demon influence following his resurrection.