On "General Hospital," Drew was very remorseful when he ran over Jordan with his vehicle. He may be able to do something to make amends. His son is nearing the end of his battle with cancer, and simultaneously, the police commissioner's one remaining kidney is failing. Dialysis will not sustain her and she needs a transplant. Oscar might die in time to save the life of his father's best friend's wife. Spoiler alerts have not mentioned this, but the timing of the two medical situations is surely no coincidence. This past week, Jordan asked her son not to tell Curtis how sick she really is, and on Friday (April 26), Oscar's condition declined a little more.

Oscar's death may happen during May Sweeps

Josyln continues to talk about Oscar being around for the "General Hospital" Nurse Ball, which is always held the first or second week in May. Soap Dirt is suggesting that young Mr. Nero's life may end during May Sweeps. On Friday, Oscar asked Jason and Drew to try to treat each other like brothers. At the end of the episode, Oscar asked Cameron to make a video for him, which he began by stating that if Joss is watching then he is already gone.

Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates that there will be heartbreaking goodbyes on "General Hospital" during the week of April 29 to May 3. Based on what took place on Friday, it looks like the long goodbyes have already begun.

The Quartermain house was filled with people supporting Oscar and his parents. Julian was there for Kim, even though Shiloh is in his crosshairs. Drew and Jason seemed to want to give Oscar his wish of them getting along, and Joslyn and Cameron naturally were trying to keep young Mr. Nero upbeat.

Jordan may benefit from Oscar's demise

Kim would probably like it if Oscar's death helped save the police commissioner's life. Drew will no doubt be elated to know that he could help the woman. Her kidneys were damaged when he hit her with his vehicle. Oscar being a match for Jordan would be a blessing indeed, but will not take away from the sorrow of his dying so young.

Oscar will probably finish his video on Monday (April 29) and it would not be surprising if while he and Cameron are alone, that he asks his friend to look out for Joss. He may even admit that he has known that Cam has been in love with his girlfriend all along. In spite of the looming death, May Sweeps and the Nurse Ball will offer some positive moments in the next few episodes of "General Hospital."