"General Hospital" spoiler alerts indicate that the list of people who may decide to get rid of the Dawn of Day leader is growing. Sonny Jason, Michael, and Sam are plotting against him, and Chase is watching the guru carefully. Now Shiloh is in the crosshairs of someone powerful, who could do him a great deal of harm. Everywhere Julian Jerome turns in Port Charles; it seems someone connected to him is mixed up with DoD. Even Brad, who is married to his son Lucas is showing interest in the teachings of this organization. With his daughter, stepdaughter, son-in-law, and others possibly it harms way, it may not be long before Mr.

Jerome takes matters into his own hands.

Julian may take Shiloh out

Soap Opera Spy indicates that a lot of drama will soon take place in Port Charles because of Dawn of Day. Sonny will give Jason the orders for a hit on the cult leader and Alexis and Kristina will find their rift is growing. Soap Dirt teases that things will get so out o hand that Julian Jerome may consider reverting to his old ways and make Shiloh disappear. Should he find out that Willow was once part of the DoD family, this will raise concerns about his grandson Wiley, especially now that Brad is showing interest in Shiloh's message.

At this point, Julian's ex-wife is frantic and she may even divulge to him that Kristina is in a safe house.

Spoilers say the former mob boss may simply get sick and tired of Shiloh hurting all the people around him and do something about it. Should the cult leader disappear, or even turn up dead, it will not be so easy to pin it on Mr. Jerome because other suspects may want to do away with the DoD leader.

Shiloh may be dealt with from within DoD

In addition to Sam, Jason, Sonny, Michael, and Julian, there are a few Dod insiders who may decide enough is enough and turn on Shiloh. Both Daisy and Harmony seem to be pretty loyal to their leader but this could change. If Shiloh begins to show a special interest in Sam, this could spar jealousy in the two women who are closest to him.

Harmony has already bee questioning some things and giving Sam dirty looks. She may feel threatened and her emotions could overrule her loyalty.

Spoilers have bee hinting for weeks that Shiloh's days are numbered, so it's just a question of when, and who did it. Since "General Hospital" seems to be trying to reform Julian, Sonny, and Jason, it probably will not be one of them who murders the self-help guru. Michael has never shown the murderous tendencies of his godfather or the man who raised him. Daisy is a bit meek, but Harmony has much to consider. With her relationship to Willow in jeopardy and her position in Dawn of Day threatened by Sam, she may be pushed to the edge and kill Shiloh herself. Stay tuned weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM EST to find out what happens to the cult leader and what role Julian plays in it if any.