Thomas Forrester has been a very busy guy recently on "The Bold and the Beautiful." His manipulations last week led to Liam taking the Forrester jet to Paris to visit Steffy, Phoebe, and Kelly. Spoiler alerts indicate that this coming week the meddling sibling will take additional steps to make sure he ends up with Hope and that his sister reunites with the man she loves. In the midst of all the manipulation, there is the issue of the baby switch, which eventually will be revealed. When the truth comes out, all of the plans Thomas has made for a future for Douglas may go down the drain.

When Lope find out their child is alive this could bring them closer together.

The baby switch may ruin Thomas's plans for Hope

Soap Opera Spy states that the baby switch must eventually come to light and when it does, everything will change for the Forrester, Logan, and Spencer families. In the meantime, Soaps She Knows teases that Thomas will continue with his plan to have Hope as a mother for his son. The spoiler says on May 1, Steffy's brother will insist that Ms. Logan be the one who decides which woman Liam will spend his future with. Soaps She Knows also says that Steffy's sibling will take advantage of his former brother-in-law being in Paris to grow closer to the women he loves. He will even use his son Douglas to ensure that things go his way.

Last week, Sally realized that Thomas was the one drawing the pictures he gave to Hope. This indicates that Ridge and Taylor's son is desperate to have Ms. Logan in his life. Liam and Steffy believe her sibling simply wants Phoebe and Kelly to spend time with their dad, and have no idea he is trying to break up Liam's marriage.

Spoilers further reveal that on Friday, May 3, young Mr. Forrester will actually feel confident enough to make a move on Hope while her husband is out of the country.

Thomas is exhibiting a devious side

When Thomas was with Sally, he was kind, considerate, and truly supportive of her. Even at the expense of alienating his family.

Following Caroline's death, he is exhibiting a deviousness that may have been there all along. Caroline conceived Douglas when Thomas took advantage of her while she was on medication. The siblings are now plotting to destroy a marriage. Thomas said he did not know and that he believed the encounter to be consensual, but she was still married to his father at the time.

Thomas is attempting to break up the Lope marriage. His agenda is to reunite Steffy and Liam and to have Hope for himself and his son. Be sure to continue watching "The Bold and the Beautiful" each weekday afternoon on CBS.