''General Hospital (GH)'' spoilers reveal that Harmony could betray Willow in order to break free from the DoD. Willow has confessed to her mother that she got pregnant and had an abortion. Are we sure that this is how things really happened? Harmony could tell Shiloh her daughter's obscure secret. ''GH'' latest spoilers also say that Willow Tait will have dark times. Shiloh will discover her lie and learn that the child is still alive. Let's imagine that his reaction will be tremendous. Harmony or Willow might even pay for their lies with their lives.

Shiloh has already sent his followers in search of evidence to frame the girl. What happens when the evil DoD chief gets to the unexpected truth?

Willow was pregnant and desperate, Harmony and Shiloh face to face

''GH'' spoilers also tell that they will investigate Willow and Harmony who, it seems, are hiding dangerous secrets. In previous episodes, Harmony has discovered that Willow has done a pregnancy test, finding it by pure chance in a trash can. The test result would confirm that Willow is pregnant. Shiloh Archer didn't know anything, as Harmony preferred to keep quiet. The two women talked and Willow admitted that she got pregnant. However, she told her mother that she had undergone a miscarriage.

Did the girl tell the truth? Meanwhile, Harmony begged Shiloh to give her the chance to get away from the sect for some time, but he's not supposed to please her. We know that Shiloh always wants to be in control of the situation and certainly won't be fooled by Harmony. Moreover, he wants Willow to enter the DoD at any cost.

Shiloh discovers the obscure truth in next episodes

Harmony knows the rules of the DoD well. In order to enter the sect, you have to give a demonstration of absolute loyalty. The same goes for getting out. According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Harmony could use Willow's obscure secret to free herself from the sect. In this case, if she confesses to Shiloh that her daughter has had an abortion, she might even regain her freedom.

Let's not forget, however, that Shiloh has many followers in her service who are watching and spying on mother and daughter. He never trusted Willow Tait, so he may not believe that she got pregnant and subsequently had a terrible abortion. At the same time, Harmony is determined to break free from the strict rules of the sect and to achieve the goal she would betray her daughter. ''GH'' new spoilers suggest also that Shiloh will find out that Willow lied to him about abortion. In fact, the child is still alive. What will happen now? "General Hospital" spoilers will tell us everything very soon. Stay tuned.