"General Hospital" (GH) spoilers focus on two dramatic situations. On the one hand, there is Oscar, sure to die soon, while on the other there is Jordan who, despite having fought with his serious pathology, has had a serious relapse. Jordan's collapse will put her in serious danger. Now, more than ever, it is essential to find a compatible donor to perform the kidney transplant. Meanwhile, Oscar is in the Quartermaine house, where he receives palliative care to alleviate the physical pain and severe symptoms resulting from his brain cancer. "GH" spoilers tease that these two storylines might unexpectedly have a common, yet tragic ending.

'General Hospital': Oscar Nero's death is getting closer

Unfortunately, GH spoilers do not give much hope to those who believe a miracle that can save the poor kid. The brain tumor is at the last stage, and the only act of love that the doctors could do was to bring Oscar to the Quartermaine clinic. Here, trained staff will help him to face his last days, trying not to make him suffer, at least physically. Oscar is surrounded by the love of his family, although Josslyn does not seem to accept the idea of losing him. Joss will often lose her head and put his anger on Cameron, making the dramatic situation even worse. "General Hospital" spoilers say that it will be Oscar who prays to his family not to suffer for him and makes them promise to always remember him with a smile.

Oscar's words will move Josslyn and Cameron, who will try to listen to the brave boy.

'GH' next episodes: Jordan close to death

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, another character of the soap opera will also be poised between life and death. We're talking about Jordan, already ill from severe kidney disease. The police commissioner has worked tirelessly and has accumulated a not inconsiderable dose of stress.

"GH" spoilers on Soap Dirt reveal that Jordan will have a very serious collapse. The doctors will inform his family that this time the woman is in danger of her life. The only hope for her is to find a compatible kidney donor as soon as possible.

Curtis will make an immediate effort to find a donor, but her research will not be successful.

Jordan will fight between life and death. "GH's" latest and dramatic spoilers tease an unexpected hypothesis. As we unfortunately know, Oscar Nero's death is near, although fans are hoping for one last miracle. Oscar has a brain tumor, but the other organs are healthy. So, he could prove to be an ideal kidney donor for Jordan. Will the two tragic stories have a common ending? We look forward to having other "General Hospital" (GH) spoilers to update you. Meanwhile, stay tuned.