''General Hospital'' spoilers say that Shiloh will be close to getting what he wants. Sam is determined to destroy the DoD and hunt down the evil Archer from Port Charles. Meanwhile, Jason is trying to get Kristina back to normal, although she doesn't agree. Kriss still sees Shiloh and the DoD as her only family. Dr. Neil will help her to realize that she has been psychologically manipulated. Other ''GH'' spoilers, according to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, reveal that Sam will be ready to sacrifice herself in order to frame Shiloh. Sam will have to prove her loyalty to Archer and to do so will have to undergo the initiation ritual.

The ceremony to enter the DoD involves the adept making love to the sect's leader and taking drugs. Finally, the new adept will have to tattoo the symbol of the DoD. Is Sam really ready for all this?

'General Hospital': Shiloh wants a trial from Sam

''General Hospital'' spoilers say Shiloh won't trust Sam. The head of the DoD sect will want to test Sam's loyalty and make sure she's not responsible for Kristina's abduction. Jason and Sam's goal is to destroy Shiloh Archer, although they are aware of the danger. In the next episodes of the soap opera, Sam will prepare for the initiation rite to effectively enter the sect. Sam and Jason must be very careful and hope that Shiloh doesn't notice that they're lying to him.

If Archer finds out that they're the ones who kidnapped Kristina, they'll be in trouble. To get away from any suspicion, Sam agrees to undergo the dangerous initiation ritual. Sam had already been in an embarrassing situation with Shiloh. Fortunately, their 'encounter' was interrupted by the sound of a bell. At that precise moment, in fact, Valerie arrived, who managed to avoid the worst.

'GH' spoilers: Sam in danger

According to Soap Dirt, Sam will get into trouble. On the one hand, Sam has to be ingratiated with Shiloh trying to please him, while on the other hand, she has to be careful not to be discovered and to protect herself. She knows how dangerous Archer is and what he is capable of. Meanwhile, Jason is trying to reason with Kristina who, still subdued by the psychological manipulations of DoD members, would like to return to the community house.

Kristina is angry with Jason, who is guilty of snatching her from her happy place.

It will take time for Krissi to realize how dangerous the DoD is. However, ''GH'' spoilers suggest that Kristina will soon return to normal, thanks in part to the help of Dr. Neil. What worries Jason is the initiation ceremony in which Sam will take part. As we know, one of the rules of the ritual is to make love to the head of the sect, after taking drugs. Shiloh then, could take advantage of Sam. Will Jason's accomplice sacrifice herself up to this point to destroy the DoD and drive Shiloh out of the city? We'll know with the next unmissable ''General Hospital'' spoilers.