''General Hospital'' spoilers for the month of May are not to be missed. In the foreground is the death of Oscar Nero, which will destroy Josslyn and all his family. Joss will find a video recorded by him, in which he will address her with poignant words. Shiloh's threat will return stronger than ever, ready to ruin the relationship between Willow and Harrison.

Meanwhile, Ava and Dr. Kevin will work hard to find Ryan and take him out of his hiding place. Jordan's life will be in danger, as he will not be able to find a compatible kidney donor. His health will plummet.

Finally, Carly will have doubts about her child.

'GH' spoilers: Kevin and Ava looking for Rey

''General Hospital'' spoilers of the May episodes ensure unexpected twists and turns that will affect most of the characters. As I stated before, Jordan is going to die. Liz and Franco have reconnected after the difficult experience at the prison. They will try to forget those sad days by starting a life together again. Ryan will have to be careful of Ava's and Dr. Kevin's actions. But the feat won't be as easy as it may seem. Kevin and Ava's relationship will be strengthened by their common goal of finding Ryan.

Fans are apprehensive because they want to know what's going to happen to Oscar, who is spending his last days in the Quartermaine clinic, waiting to die.

The boy will record a moving video to give to Josslyn after his death. ''GH'' spoilers don't make viewers happy, as the death of Oscar Nero is coming. Josslyn will be devastated, but she can count on the support of her family.

'General Hospital': Jordan between life and death

Other ''General Hospital'' spoilers reveal that Julian will be close to Dr.

Kim, who is also devastated by Oscar's grief. Their relationship will become more intense every day. In the meantime, Drew will be excited because he will have the opportunity to make an important change in his career. However, if he accepts the job offer, he could lose a friend. It will not go as well for Jordan, who will have a collapse caused by his severe kidney disease.

The police commissioner can only be saved by a kidney transplant, but it seems impossible to find a compatible donor. Jason and Sam will again be in danger. Carly will be assailed by anxiety about her baby, but Sonny will be there for her. Peter and Maxie will live their love story as if it were a fairy tale. Shiloh's threat is always present. "General Hospital" spoilers state that he will do anything to destroy Harrison and Willow. According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, May will be crucial for the new episodes of the soap broadcast on ABC.