Meredith Vieira gave credit to Jenna Bush Hager this morning, April 30, saying that the Starbucks Medicine Ball was making her feel better on “Today.” Vieira noted that the coffee chain probably prefers the beverage’s special order name, Honey Citrus Mint Tea, so as not to be confused with any true medicinal claims. That didn't stop any “Today” fans from sending in multitudes of their favorite cough and cold cures, and let's just say that some were more well-received than others.

Considering that Jenna Bush Hager and Meredith Vieira are preparing for their morning duty at about 4 AM on “Today,” it's understandable that the 65-year-old veteran broadcaster, Vieira, would be leery about diving into anything too strong at such an early hour.

Still, it only took minutes before shot glasses filled with hard liquor were brought on stage, side-by-side with gentler concoctions.

No one can say that Meredith Vieira doesn’t take one for the team when it comes to her job, but Jenna Bush Hager also made her own “quadruple dog dare” to her co-host to come through on the bet to wear her bathrobe and PJs to the grocery store. It may not be tomorrow that the market run happens, but viewers should stay tuned this week.

Too early for the hard stuff

The first sip for Meredith Vieira was pretty mild. It was simply pineapple juice, which she confessed that she hardly ever drank except for piña coladas.

Playing pretend doctor, Jenna Bush Hager ordered patient Vieira to cough, and clearly with the problem still evident, further tests trials of the cures were needed.

Next came the recommendation from the viewer, Jackie, which included an entire shot glass of whiskey. “What I won't do for this show,” Vieira said before downing a sip, refusing to do the whole dosage, even if “that's what Jackie said,” as Jenna reminded.

The potent dose did absolutely nothing to make Meredith's cough disappear, and then came another shot glass with apple cider vinegar and honey.

Jenna coaxed that “it has honey to cut the vinegar,” prompting her professional sidekick to drink.

“I swear to God. My throat is closing up,” Meredith Vieira attested after that taste. Following some rescue sips of water, a final recommended cure from viewer Vicky’s grandmother was up for grabs. This one had bourbon, of course, honey, tea, and floating butter on top, to coat the throat.

Again, Vieira gave it the old college try but openly admitted, “I can't handle bourbon. If somebody could come up with a gin remedy, I'd love it.”

More on the bathrobe bet

After saying goodbye to the stout cough treatments, Meredith Vieira and Jenna Bush Hager mentioned how their colleague, Al Roker, greeted Meredith, resembling Santa Claus in her festive red bathrobe, yesterday. Naturally, this provoked Jenna Bush Hager to up the ante with her morning show partner. “I triple-dog, no, I quadruple-dog dare you to wear your bathrobe to the grocery store!” Hager exclaimed.

Vieira tried to divert the subject to the origins of the word “dog” in a dare, but nothing took Jenna off the wager. She brought in celebrity reinforcements to prove that bathrobes in public are quite chic.

It just so happens that hip-hop songstress, Cardi B, was just spotted at the airport in her bathrobe, as reported by InStyle, and it's hardly her first time. Jenna Bush Hager now has celebrity power behind her raised stakes to flaunt in front of Meredith.

Tomorrow, high-fashion has to be in order, since it is Kentucky Derby day on “Today,” featuring a special surprise for a fortunate fan. There's still time to for Meredith Vieira to make her own fashion statement before Friday is done. Hoda still has weeks of maternity leave left.