"General Hospital" spoilers for the week of April 15-19 promise sensational twists. Kristina could cause a drama by leaving the safe card to Alexis. Shiloh will continue to lead the sect, as Brad will not be able to stop him. Shiloh will also understand that Jason is involved in Kristina's abduction and the disappearance of the sect's cup. For this reason, he won't lose sight of Sam, sure he knows something about it.

Meanwhile, Jason is about to move to the villa where he will receive palliative care. Joss is upset and doesn't know how to fight her pain.

"General Hospital" spoilers state that Oscar will call Cameron for one last wish. Will it be about Joss? Fans will have to resign themselves because, at least for the moment, that there is no happy ending or a miracle for the poor guy. Oscar is going to die.

Brad stopped by Shiloh

"General Hospital" spoilers state that in the week of April 15-19, Jason and Shiloh will clash again. Brad won't be able to keep the sect's leader at bay or stop his shady plans. Shiloh will be able to stop Brad in time, before the sect's cup ends up in the hands of the police. He'll understand that Jason played an important role in Kristina's disappearance and he'll get furious.

It's easy to imagine that Brad will pay the consequences of his betrayal.

Shiloh will assume that Jason has kidnapped Kristina and stole the cup at the same time. To verify his hypothesis, he will phone Jason. Later, Molly will reflect on Kristina's situation and think about alerting the police, who are worried about the young girl's fate. Oscar will head to the Quartermaine mansion to spend his last days of life before death takes him.

His family is distressed but the doctors have been clear, there is no hope for him.

Oscar has one last wish, Joss is desperate

GH spoilers tell us that during the week of April 22-26, Jordan is rather ill and needs a kidney transplant, as soon as possible. Joss is frantic about Oscar and is venting with Cameron. Meanwhile, the young boy will call Cameron to make a special request.

Is this her last wish?

Julian will have suspicions about Ava. Curtis will plan his trip to Canada in the hope of forgetting Ava. Will he succeed? Attention will then return to Kristina and Jason and Brad's attempt to keep her away from the DoD. Alexis could get the young girl a card to open the safe. Without a doubt, a false step by Kristina will cause chaos within The Truth. Shiloh will continue to act undisturbed, while Brad will not find peace.

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