New General Hospital spoilers reveal that Oscar will make one last wish before he dies. The young boy is now ready to reach the palliative care institution, as the cancer that struck him is incurable. The doctors have advised his family to stay close to him and give him moments of serenity, but it is certainly not easy. Josslyn is desperate and vents her anger on Cameron, even though there is no reason for it. Joss won't be able to stand his guilt, and she'll be devastated by the pain.

Oscar seems to be the strongest, showing himself smiling and brave.

"General Hospital" spoilers reveal that the young and unfortunate boyfriend will want to see his mother happy and thus make a final wish to Cameron. Meanwhile, Shiloh will get away with it. Brad will be skillfully manipulated by him and will not hand over the sect's cup to the police. In this way, the test will not be carried out and Shiloh can still act undisturbed.

Josslyn prepares to bid Oscar farewell

The fall from the bridge and the subsequent coma changed Oscar's life. After the accident, Josslyn's son discovered that he had incurable cancer. The doctors gave no hope to his family. Oscar still has a few days to live and the only relief for his pain will be palliative care. Trying to be brave, Joss is close to Oscar but feels terribly guilty.

Despair and hatred are consuming her.

Oscar seems to be the bravest of the family. The boy has noticed the atmosphere of tension within his family and for this reason, he will express his last wish to Cameron, namely to be close to Josslyn when he dies. How is Joss going to get over Oscar's death?

Sam is in a dangerous position, Ava out of control

"General Hospital spoilers" also state that Shiloh will begin to suspect that Jason is behind the shooting of Kristina. The head of the sect will put pressure on Sam to reveal things to him. Sam will try not to miss anything and will play the part of the devout follower to perfection.

Daisy will, however, start to suspect her and talk to Shiloh about it.

Sam will have difficult times and could get into serious trouble. Brad has succumbed to pressure from DoD members and has not handed over the drug cup to the police, saving Shiloh. There's also news about Jordan. His health will get worse and the doctors will say that a new surgery is necessary.

Other spoilers state that Ava will lose control again, endangering herself. Finally, Alexis may be able to open the safe in the community house and get the evidence to frame Shiloh.