Spoilers for General Hospital (GH) reveal that Shiloh will press Sam to adulterate the drug test. The new storyline is likely to turn into tragedy. Kristina is safe for the moment, as Jason has managed to get her to safety. However, Shiloh suspects that Jason is behind the disappearance of his follower. For this reason, he will try to put pressure on Sam who, for his part, will have to try to stay calm. In the meantime, Sam discovers from Daisy that there is evidence in the community house that can trap Shiloh. The brave woman must act with caution and not let Shiloh know that she is an infiltrator.

Do General Hospital spoilers reveal that a twist will change everything?

Brad in trouble, Shiloh is ready to manipulate it

General Hospital spoilers also reveal that Jason will manage to appropriate the cup of Dawn of Day. Shiloh will catch him in fragrant. The DoD cup will end up in Elizabeth's hands. Now, everything is ready for you to examine the cup and find out if it contains drugs. For Shiloh, things get really bad. However, we know that Shiloh is a skilled manipulator and could convince Brad to falsify the test results. That way, he'd come out clean and Jason's plan would fail miserably. In fact, this is the solution that Shiloh will adopt. Brad is a man distanced from pain and Shiloh will use the man's desperation in his favor.

On the other hand, Kristina also chose to join the sect after Shiloh's convincing speeches, which made her believe she could finally find peace. Brad is not as naive and fragile as Kristina, but he is particularly vulnerable at this time in his life. GH spoilers say that Brad could believe Shiloh's promises and give in to his blackmail by falsifying the test or even returning the cup.

If Brad makes this decision, it's clear that he won't be able to move away from the sect anymore.

Brad's secret must not be discovered

Brad doesn't want the truth about Wiley's death to come out. Precisely for this reason, he will not hinder Shiloh's plans and will try to keep control. As we know, Willow has tried to protect his son, although he's not the real parent.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Shiloh will finally realize he's Willow's father. Brad will be assailed by obscure doubts. If he doesn't bring the cup to the police, the sect will make more victims and Shiloh can continue to commit his crimes. On the other hand, the sect could provide him with the peace he needs at this time in his life. What will Brad do? Will he save Shiloh or do a brave thing and stop him? In the next few episodes, there will certainly be interesting twists and turns. Stay tuned for the latest General Hospital (GH) spoilers.