General Hospital spoilers reveal new details about the situation of Kristina, ready to officially enter the sect. Meanwhile, Shiloh continues to be a danger. Ava, on the other hand, is certain that Ryan is alive since only one hand has been found and not the entire body. Valentin is ready for new love and could be Lulu since they have a son. After Michelle leaves the cast, Nina may discover Valentin's lie and leave the city as a result. So many intrigues of GH's characters, what will happen in the next episodes?

General Hospital: terror in the attic for Kristina

General Hospital spoilers tell us that Kristina is in serious danger. Everything is ready for the initiation ritual and Shiloh will stop at nothing. The recording that Kristina has delivered to Shiloh is a bomb ready to explode and could destroy her whole family. In addition, she has had to pay a large sum to enter the sect, getting into debt with her friends. Shiloh will prepare an initiation ritual worthy of a horror film. Her goal is to psychologically manipulate the girl and make her lose control. The ceremony will take place in an attic and the spoilers ensure that it will be really scary. Daisy and Harmony will help Kristina get ready and suggest what to do.

However, they won't be able to reveal too much detail to her, as she has to follow the perfidious Shiloh's directives perfectly. Uncertainty and fear will take over and the girl will be alone in the attic of terror to face her darkest fears. Harmony will help Kristina get dressed for the ceremony and then leave her alone in the attic, telling her to wait for Shiloh.

But the boy never seems to arrive, is that his plan? General Hospital spoilers also say that Sam will find something really shocking in the attic where the girl is located. This will make things even more complicated. Jason and Sonny will do everything possible to save Kristina from the Dod, the remaining time is short and Shiloh is ready for anything.

GH spoilers: Valentin approaches Lulu

Valentin's lie could be discovered soon. As a result, he and Nina will definitely break up, as GH fans have already suggested. The breakup of the couple will undoubtedly cause a worsening of the behavioral problems of little Charlotte. At the same time, Lulu is suffering from Dante's departure and it is not excluded that he may approach Valentin. Finally, there will be developments regarding Ryan's storyline, of which only one hand has been found. Ava is desperate and longing for revenge, while Lulu is still afraid that the nightmare is not over. All these intrigues and complicated plots will lead Valentin and Lulu to spend a lot of time together and the two will end up forging a very close bond, will a new couple be born? We'll know with the next General Hospital spoilers, stay tuned.