Jess Walton fans can rejoice because the popular actress will soon reprise her award-winning role on "The Young and the Restless." Her return is for a specific event but spoiler alerts say she may have an impact on three different situations in Genoa City. Jill is coming home for the final goodbye to Neil Winters, although the show as yet to announce what causes him to die. While in town, Mrs. Atkinson will attempt to talk some sense into Lily, who is determined to divorce Cane. It's highly likely that she will once again interject herself into the situation with Billy and Victoria as well.

Before she takes off for parts unknown she may have saved two relationships and given comfort to the grieving.

Jill grieves for Neil and Katherine

Soap Dirt indicates that Paul and Rey will be front and center during the next two weeks, but Celeb Dirty Laundry says that at the end of the month Neil's memorial service will be on everyone's minds. When Jill returns to Genoa City to pay her respects, she will resume being the meddling mother/mother in law. Jess Walton has come and gone on "Y&R" for short stints for the past few years, but perhaps this may change. The new writing team is bringing back veterans of the show, so perhaps viewers may get to see more of her.

The spoiler says Mrs. Atkinson will be very emotional during the service for Neil and will begin thinking about Katherine Chancellor.

With all the raw emotions, there are bound to be reunions and repentance of past misdeeds. Earlier "Y&R" spoiler alerts indicated that Jack and Victor will bury the hatchet for a moment and have a drink together, toasting to memories of Neil Winters. Jill has always been a champion of Cane and Lily, so when she hears about the divorce, she will go into overdrive trying to keep them together.

She also believes that Billy and Victoria are soul mates, so it would only be natural or her to interact herself in their situation again.

Jill may impact Villy and Lily

In addition to Lily and Jill, Malcolm will also come back to Genoa City for a final farewell to Neil. Ashley was in town last week, but nothing has been said regarding her returning for her former lover's service.

Spoilers indicate that Neil will be eulogized on April 26 and that his funeral will be a tear jerker. Jill 's grief and remembrance of Katherine may lead her to give some comfort to a distraught Devon as well.

Jess Walton has been a fan favorite for decades and viewers are always happy to see her on screen. Make sure you mark your calendar for April 26 so you don't miss Jill and the final farewell to Neil. Be on the lookout for updated spoiler alerts as they become available and continue watching “The Young and the Restless,” weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 PM EST.