''General Hospital'' spoilers report that attention will be focused on trying to stop Shiloh. In this regard, Harrison's main objective is to trap Archer. It won't be an easy task. The new couple, formed by Sam and Jason Morgan, rely on the police. In this way, they both hope to accelerate Shiloh's defeat. Next week, DoD member Harmony finds himself in a delicate situation. Michael and Chase will form an alliance, while Alexis will run to Sonny in the next few episodes of "General Hospital." Kristina is excited that she's about to become an official member of the sect, but she doesn't know she's in trouble.

Shiloh must be stopped on 'General Hospital'

''General Hospital'' spoilers for Monday (April 8) state that Shiloh could be defeated. It has also been reported that Shiloh will be warned by detective Chase. His goal is to keep him away from Willow Tait, a mine of dangerous secrets ready to destroy the lives of different characters of the soap. Kristina is thrilled with the sect's initiation ceremony. Nervous and doubtful, she relies on the advice of Daisy and Armony. For Kristina, it is an important day, which will mark her new life forever. On Tuesday's "GH" episode (April 9), Jason understands that he must act quickly if he wants to save Kristina and stop Shiloh. Michael, on the other hand, is very nervous and is afraid that the plan won't work.

That's why he's going to turn to Harrison.

Dangerous alliances in upcoming episodes

Other ''General Hospital'' spoilers reveal that Alexis will have to talk to Sonny. The two will decide how to deal with Kristina once she goes to the psychiatrist. The DVX recording has been tampered with. For this reason, Anna Devane is furious and nervous.

She also has to start over. Meanwhile, everything is ready for Kristina's initiation ceremony. Next, Harmony will send a distress call to Shiloh.

For the Thursday, April 11, ''General Hospital'' episode, spoilers reveal that Michael will ask Chase for important help to save Kristina. The mission is more difficult than expected.

Molly and Sam will have an interesting conversation about Shiloh's behavior. Will there be consequences?

Watch out for the "GH" episode on Friday (April 12). Laura's positive attitude will help improve her relationship with Kevin. Laura is still immensely in love with her husband and intends to make up for her mistake. Will Kevin give her another chance? Valentin and Spencer will have a difficult game, in which their strong personalities will come out. Hamilton will also give her advice. So, next week, big twists are taking place in the soap. Stay tuned for other ''General Hospital'' spoilers and to know if Kristina can get out of the sect.