"American Idol" Season 17 spoilers come fast and furious this year via the reliable Idol Pad website. The Top 20 pair up with their celebrity and Laine Hardy leaked on his Instagram that he's with Elle King. Actually, lots of them leaked their songs and duos on social media. However, Idol Pad also leaked some stuff about it back in February, most of which is now confirmed.

Laine Hardy's 'American Idol' leak on Elle King

The rest of this article contains multiple spoilers, so if you don't want to know, please stop reading now. Laine Hardy took to his Instagram twice in the last day, talking about the Top 20 Celebrity Duet rounds.

In his first post, he posted, "Who’s ready for this Sunday night?!! All Star Duets Can’t wait for y’all to see who I performed with." However, within hours, he and others leaked their partners. Laine revealed that he teams up with Elle King.

In his second Instagram post, Laine posted a photo of Elle King and him together. For those that don't know, Elle King's also known as Tanner Elle Schneider. She's a singer, songwriter, and actress. Actually, her track, "Playing for Keeps" from her EP was the theme song for VH1's Mob Wives Chicago series," Vanity Fair reported a few years back. Last year, her band toured with their EP "Shake The Spirit," between September and November, according to rollingstone.com.

Idol Pad notes that Elle and Laine Hardy will perform "The Weight" by The Band. That number really should suit Laine's voice. Plus, fans who loved his Showcase Round performance of "Come Together" by The Beatles can look forward to him playing the electric guitar again.

Spoilers for 'American Idol' Top 20 Celebrity Duets Group 1

The list of spoilers that came from Idol Pad in February got it spot-on, as they already revealed Laine's partner back then. The Duets were divided into two groups. Apart from Laine Hardy, spoilers from Idol Pad for Group One are as follows:

  • Kate Barnette performs with Pat Benatar, doing "Heartbreaker."
  • Walker Burroughs and Jason Mraz sing "Have It All."
  • Riley Thompson and Brett Young will do "Like I Loved You."
  • Uché Ndubizu and Shaggy come with "I Need Your Love."
  • Madison VanDenburg, Pat Benatar, and Neil Giraldo do "We Belong."
  • Shawn Robinson and Elle King bring us "Proud Mary."
  • Ashley Hess gets on the piano and performs with Jason Mraz with "I'm Yours."
  • Cristina Contreras and Shaggy do "Angel."
  • Laci Booth and Brett Young perform "Mercy."

Group 2 spoilers for the 'Idol' Duet Round

  • Alyssa Raghu performs with Julia Michaels doing "Issues,"
  • Eddie Island and Lukas Graham pair up with "7 Year."
  • Wade Cota gets with Lovely The Band to play their "Broken."
  • Ryan Hammond and Cynthia Erivo perform together.
  • Evelyn Cormier and Chris Isaak bring us "Wicked Game."
  • Logan Johnson and Julia Michaels do "What A Time."
  • Raquel Trinidad and Lovely The Band bring "Tiny Dancer.".
  • Alejandro Aranda and Ben Harper get out there with their guitars to do "There Will Be A Light."
  • Dimitrius Graham and Lukas Graham perform "Love Someone."
  • Jeremiah Harmon and Cynthia Erivo perform "Time After Time".

The Duet pairings come on 'American Idol' on Sunday

"American Idol" Duet Celebrity Pairings comes to ABC this Sunday.

Expect the excitement to notch up as the competitors up their game. Who do you think will perform the best? Are you a Laine Hardy fan, or do you prefer someone else? Sound off your ideas and thoughts in the comments below.

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