''Game of Thrones'' Season 8, Episode 1 is set to hit the airways tonight as the long winter of waiting has come to an end. The dormant state should be over by now as the final six episodes of the show are expected to boost up our very existence for the next six weekends.

Given the impact this show has been having over the years, the weekends will not be enough to absorb all those epic scenes, characters, and battles about to hit our retinas. A general, week-in-week-out ''Game of Thrones'' frenzy is about to confiscate our lives.

And for a good reason too.

After all, Season 8 is the last one of the series. A journey that started almost eight years ago is about to reveal its final play.

The 'GoT trailer,' teasers, and what we know so far

As far as the audience is concerned, the long and grueling game of waiting was tough. And, when it comes to official updates, the pool stood there empty for a long time before any crumbs of information fell in.

The slow dance HBO has been doing on the ''Game of Thrones'' matter started back in December 2018 when the first official teaser of Season 8 'Dragonstone' was released online.

About a month later, a lugubrious video ''Crypts of Winterfell'' was released as the rumors of an epic battle at Winterfell started to amplify.

But a long sequence of completely silent weeks followed, and it was not until March 5 when the official trailer of Season 8 was released.

The Battle of Winterfell seems to have a central part of the Season 8 narrative. Maybe that's the reason an entire teaser was allocated to it. A seemingly ruined fortress of Winterfell features in the last official teaser of ''Game of Thrones''.

''Aftermath'' has also been enriched with some powerful details. Various pieces of weaponry, personal belongings of some major characters, and other crucial items for the narrative are scattered all around the snowy environment.

The starting point for Season 8, Episode 1

For a better viewing experience, there were voices urging fans to rewatch the show's previous seven seasons in order to fully enjoy the upcoming one.

But that would translate into a huge amount of time invested, and not everyone may have the luxury to afford that.

To cut it short, last time I checked, the living breed was trying to figure out a way to stand up against the Night King and the Army of the Dead. With the Realm's very existence at stake, some far-stretched alliances started to take shape.

Made in the spirit of survival, the alliance is still fragile and driven by sideways agendas and various types of ambitions.

The endgame and the final play are something not even the most enthusiastic ''Game of Thrones'' fanatic could predict for the time being. But the premises of Season 8 are hinting at a serious display of epicness.