"90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?" arrives in just a few days on April 28. Fans know that Ashley Martson and Jay Smith supposedly split up again just ahead of the premiere. It's all about ICE wanting to deport Jay, him cheating again, and threats of divorce that few fans actually believe. After all, they lied before about their relationship in the past. However, even some non-fans confessed to feeling for her after a recent social media post emerged about weight loss of 15-lbs in two weeks. In it, Ashley asserts it's all from stress. However, sharp-eyed fans noted that just a matter of days ago, she posted a promo ad for Boombod, with before and after photos.

Fans of '90 Day Fiance' simply don't know whether to believe Ashley Martson anymore

Instagram user @187anonymousgossip187 shared a shot of some communication allegedly by Ashley Marston about her stress in recent months. In it, the "90 Day Fiance" alum says she's "been living in her own hell for the past month." She goes on to say how Jay cheated again and she thinks the woman is "pregnant." Ashley also said that this was the "third time Jay cheated" on her. Additionally, Ashley mentioned the hassles with ICE which may result in his deportation.

Lately, we see Ashley going all meltdown with either rage or emotion on her Instagram Stories. However, whether that's from all the drama with Jay or because she's trying to rank up ratings for "90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?

" cannot be determined for real. Mind you, although Ashley gets loads of haters, after the message, some of them felt almost sorry for her. This came when she said that she's now lost "15-lbs" of weight in two weeks from stress.

15-lbs of stress weight loss, but what about Ashley Martsons promo ad for Boombod?

Let's face it, some fans gave her the benefit of the doubt, as nobody likes to tear people down when they're in pain.

A few people commented on Instagram:

  • @Ins**: "Feel so sorry for her. Nobody deserves what she’s going through. But in part is her fault, she should’ve seen this coming. Too many [Red Fags]."
  • @Zai**: "This is so hectic that I actually feel sorry for Ashley it's a sh*t feeling being cheated on. Yes I know she lied about a lot stuff and how terrible she is towards others but in this case, I believe her and I can't help feeling bad for her!"
  • @Korn**: "She says she lost 15 pounds bcz of stress but didn't she just put an ad for boombod?"

Well spotted by the last user in the list!

Actually, a little bit of digging reveals a post from just two days ago where Ashley did her promo Ad for Boombod. Now, as followers of "90 Day Fiance" know, Ashey and Jay post up and take down those posts faster than an alligator snap. So, as usual, if the post disappears from the embed in this article, you can still see it in the attached video at the top of the page.

Sharp-eyed '90 Day Fiance' fan notes the Boombod ad by Ashley Martson

In her post two days back, Ashley Marston posted up her promo ad for Boombod. If you don't know what that is, their website describes it as "Each 10 calorie shot contains a unique vitamin blend and a natural fiber that works to reduce your appetite and is clinically proven to aid weight loss." So anyway, according to Ashley she's been using it.

Her post said, "Gotta be honest, a @boombod week was EXACTLY what I needed! My cravings had basically taken over, and my late night trips to the snack cupboard were adding up these little shots actually made a world of difference! I feel great, and my waist line is definitely thanking me. If you're looking for results QUICK you need to check them out - just let me know which flavor your getting! #boombod"

The before and after photos showed a lot of weight loss, but inside of 12 days was questionable. Anyway, so if she attributes all that weight-loss to Boombod one day and then attributes it to stress over Jay Smith the next, sorry but that raises red flags yet again.

What do you think about Ashley Martson claiming weight loss from stress and from Boombod within a matter of days? Do you think this is another red flag for a faked storyline?

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