Alice Hunter, who portrays Kerry Johnson on "The Young and the Restless," has confirmed that she will be leaving the CBS daytime drama. She said a new regime has taken over and there will be more changes in Genoa City. No details were given as to how this relatively new character will be leaving the show, but Hunter indicated that fans should brace themselves for additional upheaval. The big question, on everyone's minds, is what will happen to the Rosales family? Rey, Lola, Arturo, and Mia have been front and center, on-screen most every day for a number of months.

Paul returns to Genoa City as Kerry exits

Former "Y&R" head writer, Mal Young, caused a panic among the fans when he fired 40-year veteran, Doug Davidson. Viewers voiced their displeasure on social media and Young was eventually let go. A new head writer was hired and Davidson was re-hired. His character, Paul Wiliams, will be on screen, once again, on March 25. Alice Hunter confirmed that there is a new regime in Genoa City and that veteran actors will now be getting more air time. She believes her character, Kerry, is a casualty of the new head writer and says she has no hard feelings over being let go.

This has fans wondering what will become of the Rosales family, which was brought in around the same time Paul was no longer being seen in Genoa City.

Josh Griffith, who replaced Mal Young, has not yet given any details of what will happen to Mia, Rey, Arturo, and Lola. Even so, Paul returning, Kerry leaving, and Alice Hunter saying the veterans deserve more time on screen, speaks volumes.

The Rosales family, Kerry may vanish

The timing of Kerry Johnson and the Rosales family coming to Genoa City coincided with the disappearance of Paul and Phyllis taking over Jabot.

Neither of these pleased longtime fans but Alice Hunter seems to have fared better than her castmates. Viewers are expressing their support for Hunter and at the same time saying that Rey, Lola, Arturo, and Mia are taking up too much time on screen. Time will tell whether or not they get the ax or are simply pushed to the back burner.

Spoiler alerts imply that Alice Johnson's character may be revealed to be an accomplice of J.T. Helstrom and that will lead to her leaving town. Nothing, however, has been confirmed, so stay tuned. Be sure to watch "The Young and the Restless," each weekday afternoon on CBS, at 12:30 PM ET, to find out the fate of the Rosales family and how Kerry Johnson exits the show.